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The famed director known for creating the epic world of Star Wars and everything that followed, including the passionate (crazy) fans, has now admitted to having 50 hours worth of film shot for a new TV show based on the famous movie series. Originally George Lucas said the project was on hold, but there was no question that people wanted it to happen. According to Lucas, the show would take place chronologically within the current movie series between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. So what’s the hold up?

Apparently, technology hasn’t advanced far enough for George Lucas’s liking. The man that seemed to be able to see deep into the future may have hit a threshold. Really what the technological problem entails has more to do with money than how to make lightsabers look real. When Lucas spoke to the television network G4, he said the project was on hold because they were waiting for new technology to become available to make it economically feasible to shoot the TV shows the way he wants to do it. As he went on, he made it clear that money was, in fact, the issue. He said that television has to be produced at a tenth of the cost of a movie, and the ability to really make the show without losing credibility and while staying true to the style of the highly scrutinized movie series does not exist yet at the proper cost. Without going into much detail, he said the development of the technology has been a difficult process. In related news, the cartoon made called The Clone Wars is going to be aired on cartoon network for its fourth season this fall.

What I found interesting about this story was the fact that the man has already managed to shoot 50 hours of footage for the show. I wonder how he managed to convince all the other people involved that this was a worthwhile venture without any guarantee of moving forward. I suppose the pull of George Lucas is something comparable to the gravity of a death star, but I still wonder where the original funding came from for the first 50 hours if it’s apparently not possible to shoot at cost until new technology exists. Very strange, but at least it seems hopeful that we will someday see this curious TV show version on the air.

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