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Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger acknowledged details of an embarrassing past screw…up. I know what you’re thinking, it has nothing to do with the movie Junior. Actually, it very much does. This time in a bizarre twist it’s not big Arnold who’s bearing the child, it’s apparently a former member of his household staff. In other words, a maid. The former governor admitted that he impregnated someone from his household staff over a decade ago. So somewhere there’s a really strong kid who is likely good at cleaning the house. Either Arnold started to feel some guilt and was able to spew such a story to his wife Maria Shriver because his term as governor is up and he won’t have to worry about a scandal along with a failing economy…or he wanted to challenge his kid to a weight lifting competition.

We now know why his wife Maria Shriver decided to separate with Arnold, and probably move towards terminating her marriage with the terminator. It’s a wonder that a secret like this can last for this long. Arnold obviously kept it a secret throughout his tumultuous reign as governor of California, and for good reason I suppose. However, I don’t think it makes a difference now. Maybe he expected Shriver to suddenly be fine with the admittance since he was now out of the office, or since it had been so long. Either way, I’m sure it became one of those lies that just goes on so long that it finally eats away at your soul. Although the timing of admission I’m sure had little to do with a change in the level of guilt over the years, and more to do with his recent departure from politics. He waited a few months, I guess so it didn’t look so obvious that he waited until the governorship was over, but it’s still quite obvious.

Arnold did apologize to everyone, including fans, friends, and family. I guess we can chalk this up with all the others. Although maybe not as surprising as Tiger Woods’ admissions over the last couple years, still it comes equally as disappointing. Many of us only care to know of Arnold as The Terminator, and have refused to believe that he was a politician because it took away from the great and powerful characters he once played. However, now it’s been solidified – he truly is a politician first, and an action hero second. He may always now be known as… The Sperminator.

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