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Wilfred, which was a breakout hit for the FX network last season, is coming back this week with its second season. And if the first season was any indication of what to expect, the second season is going to be hilarious and somewhat “off.” The producers of Wilfred have already given the audience a sneak peek at the second season which lets us know just how funny it’s going to be.

In fact, the second season isn’t schedule to officially start until June 21st. But FX aired an episode on June 14th entitled “Progress.” In this episode, Robin Williams (yes, that Robin Williams) played a psychiatrist that is trying to help Ryan (Elijah Wood’s character) come to grips with having Wilfred being a part of his life. But that episode didn’t air on television. It was only available through the various on-demand avenues like Hulu, the FX website, Yahoo TV and some satellite providers.

However, when the new season does officially start on the 21st, this episode will air at 10:30 p.m., right after a repeat of last season’s cliffhanger episode. That episode was more of an experiment in existentialism, according to what Wilfred is writing in his will. Ryan also decides in the last episode to represent Jenna in court because the “court of imaginary Wilfreds” made him feel guilty. It’s then that we find out a secret that had been hidden all season: Why Ryan was disbarred. It turns out that he used to tamper with evidence and do other unethical things when he was a lawyer and he got caught.

Another interesting thing that happened in the season finale was the writers taking a shot at Lost, the ABC show that basically captivated audiences for several seasons with its questions and storylines. That’s a gutsy move for a TV show on cable during its rookie season, which makes us wonder what else the writers and producers will think about doing during the show’s sophomore season now that it has been deemed one of the more successful shows on the network in recent years.

The cliffhanger also has something about a basement that didn’t exist and it was just a closet filled with pillows, but it’s difficult to explain. That’s why it’s best to watch the episode on June 21 at 10:00 p.m. Even though there is a new episode immediately following it, the official first episode of season 2 will not air until June 28. Get ready for a great season that will likely have a lot of dog jokes and some answers for the questions left over from season 1.

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