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When does The Walking Dead start? - TVStoreOnline

When does The Walking Dead Start?| The Walking Dead Facts

Originally launched on Halloween 2010, the show traditionally starts in October. Now in its sixth season, The Walking Dead started back up on Sunday February 9, 2014 with episode nine. Previously, eight Season Four episodes originally began airing on October 13, 2013. The show took a break for most of December last year and January of this year and there will be a total of 16 episodes airing in the Fourth Season.

In late October of 2013, AMC announced that it had renewed the series for a fifth season and that will begin airing in October, 2014. Reports are that AMC is currently developing a spinoff series.

Of course, The Walking Dead is also viewable on certain streaming programs like Netflix, where the first few seasons can be viewed as part of the Netflix streaming package. Even the newer episodes are viewable through paid services like X-Box LIVE and Amazon Instant Streaming, where you can buy a certain episode of an entire season pass, allowing you to keep up with the latest events even if you aren’t a subscriber to a cable or satellite service.

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