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It seems that the day and age of the Simpsons has been creatively replaced by the new Sunday prime time conglomerate, and we are not talking about Sunday Night Football – which perhaps even attracts fewer viewers than the Fox’s “Animation Domination.”

Rather, we are gloating about Seth MacFarlane’s total monopolization of Fox’s Sunday night animated roundup.

Think about it. He had his show, “Family Guy,” canceled twice by Fox. Then, after avid neophytes purchased so many DVDs of the prior seasons and the special releases, Fox decided that they may have screwed up by canceling the show … and two times nonetheless.

So they brought it back.

But this time Mr. MacFarlane was dealing for the big hand. And with that winning pot came a $100 million dollar contract, the freedom to do just about anything he desired to do with the show’s brazenly in-your-face shock value parodies—and they gave him two other shows, too: “The Cleveland Show” and “American Dad.”

Let’s be efficacious, however.

Family Guy truly is the 21st century Simpsons and Futurama, with a hint of the offending nature of South Mark, intermingled with MacFarlane’s very unique and hilarious brand of animated doddery. The ending result is a glorious mixture of slapstick, flashback-based comedy that has successfully built-up all of the characters to the point of them being so memorable that we all have a favorite one, and even if we claim that we don’t.

With that notion firmly in mind: which Family Guy character is your favorite?

Peter Griffin: The dimwitted and obese moron that manages to somehow still raise his family in spite of his outlandishly naïve antics.

Louis Griffin: The good-looking and savvy, smarter-than-she-looks trophy wife that somehow seems content settling for Peter, a broken family and an alcoholic dog.

Meg Griffin: The picked-on and never-good-looking loser girl that has suicidal thoughts, and always says the wrong thing at the wrong time, yet somehow craves social acceptance.

Chris Griffin: The inept and dull protocol son that takes more after his father than anything else, yet still reminds us often of his voice-over actor, Seth Green.

Brian Griffin: The lost alcoholic and pot smoking dog that is trying to find a moral purpose and a reason for being, even though he is still bound by instinct and destined to live ten years at best.

Quagmire: The womanizing cretin who is smart enough to pilot a commercial jetliner yet stupid enough to lock twenty Asian slaves in the trunk of his car, and yet somehow always manages to convince younger women to come home with him, even though he is a sixty-year-old pervert. (Wonder what would have happened if he got his own show instead of Cleveland?)

Cleveland: The token black guy who has the overweight kid, the struggling deli and the cheating wife, and who lacks any sense of self confidence, and nearly avoids confrontation at every possible chance (how did he get a spin-off?).

Joe: The wheelchair confined would-be super macho that still struggles with day-to-day life in a diaper, but somehow holds onto his last shred of dignity in some fleeting and spurious manner.

Adam West: The whimsical ponderings of a semi-crazed and nearly lunatic mayor that will spend the town’s loot on a pure gold statue of the Digg’em frog (from Honeysmacks cereal) and cast the “As” out of his body by shouting, “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!”

We cast our vote for Greased up Deaf Guy.

He’s fabulous.

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