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Who is Captain America? Captain America Revealed!

Captain America is Steve Rogers, enhanced. The son of a single mother who supported Steve’s education even during the difficulties of the Great Depression, the kid from Brooklyn had humble beginnings and like most heroes, never sought out to become one. He just saw what was happening in the war, and wanted to do his part. No, not wanted – he needed to. His zeal for serving his country consumed him, and drove him forward. That same drive that existed before Steve Rogers became who the world now knows as Captain America is inside the same man.

He may be taller, stronger, faster than the pre-Operation Rebirth Steve Rogers, but the soul of the man hasn’t changed. So in a sense, Captain America was always lying dormant in Steve Rogers. The Serum and Vita Rays just amplified who Steve Rogers already was, as Professor Erskine informs him prior to the enhancement procedure.

Captain America arrives on the scene in March 1941 in his premiere issue by Timely Comics to fight Nazism and fascism during the New Deal era under president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration. He leads the Allied Forces against Hitler’s regime, taking on villains such as Red Skull, the treacherous Baron Zemo, the criminal known as Colonel War-Hound, and many other bad guys. He joins the air raids over London to defend against Germany’s Blitzkreig, rescues Winston Churchill from U-Man’s clutches, parachutes down into the firefight at Berchtesgaden, hits Normandy beach and joins the fight at the Battle of the Bulge, and finally completes his WWII service in 1945 by storming Red Skull’s bunker, where he defeats that wretched evil while ending up encased in ice for a new generation to find him years later in their hour of need.

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