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X-Men: Days of Future Past

In the latest X-Men movie, the plot comes from a comic book storyline from 1980. The X-Men team sends Wolverine back to the past to stop events from occurring that will mean disaster for both humans and mutants. The characters that were seen in the original trilogy will be on screen again and so will their younger counterparts.

You might think that the X-Men marketing team is trying to give you a lesson in history but the chances are that you never learned this kind of thing in school.

Recently, 20th Century Fox released a video that implicated Magneto in the John F. Kennedy assassination. Since then, they have released another clip that surveys many other historical events that might have occurred a bit differently than what we were taught.

The narrator of this video says that there have been quite a few pivotal moments in history that have shaped humanity but the versions of these events that have been taught to us omits a quiet but deadly battle that has been raging for decades. This battle is between individuals that are gifted with extraordinary traits and the people who want to kill all of them.

This video is obviously talking about mutants and it alludes to their being a factor in quite a few events.

Take Chernobyl for example. According to the picture, Chernobyl is the factor that lies behind the metal mutation of Colossus. Guantanamo Bay? No, it isn’t just a terrorist prison…it is also a safe house for mutants. All of these things and more can be seen in the video clip. This clip will enlighten you about the massive cover up of mutants that has been going on for many decades now. This clip also talks about the death of a very well-known X-Men member.

All that and the fan reaction to the latest marketing ploys by Fox for Days of Future Past has been astonishingly positive. These marketing ploys and the fact that the last 2 X-Men movies were box office hits leads to the theory that this will be THE summer blockbuster of 2014.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will have Wolverine again being played by Hugh Jackman and he will be joined by Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender as well as James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart, Ellen Page, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Peter Dinklage and Nicholas Hoult.

With all of the same people playing in the movie and this being a story that is more than 30 years old, many might go see it just out of curiosity as to how the story will play out on the big screen. Whatever the case, if you want to see it on opening night then it is highly recommended that you get your tickets early.

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