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If you've ever dreamed of becoming a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger or at least dressing up like one for Halloween now you have the chance. Whether you wanna summon up the Dragonzord with your Dragon Dagger as the Green Ranger aka Tommy, or whether you'd dress up like Amy Jo Johnson the Pink Ranger, or if you'd rather show off your martial arts skills at Billy, The Blue Ranger, our Mighty Morphin tees are officially-licensed and made of the highest quality materials. Now you can fight the Triceratops Zords when you wear any of our Power Rangers Costume T-shirts available in sizes in youth to adult 3XL. Oh, and don't forget: you can also be the Red Ranger or the Black Ranger so that you can battle Rita Repulsa.

Green Ranger

If you've ever dreamed of summoning the Dragonzord with your Dragon Dagger, then it's a little strange that you haven't ordered this Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers t-shirt already! The officially licensed cotton tee recreates the costume of Tommy, the Green Ranger. Dragon Shield not included.

Pink Ranger

Got what it takes to follow in the footsteps of the hottest Power Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson? Then order this officially licensed Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers t-shirt and take up the mantle of the Pink Ranger! This costume tee is perfect for Halloween or just driving all the Putties wild before you kick their heads in.

Blue Ranger

This officially licensed t-shirt won't give you martial arts skills, but you'll feel a lot smarter wearing the mantle of Billy, the Blue Ranger! This mighty morphin' tee is perfect for Halloween or scaring off Putties threatening to harass your town. Triceratops Zord not included. Available in youth and adult sizes.

Red Ranger

Assume the mantle of the Power Rangers' leader with this officially licensed Red Ranger t-shirt! The red cotton tee features the Tyrannosaurus power coin from which Jason Lee Scott derived his mighty morphin' powers.

Black Ranger

Ever dreamed of going into battle with the minions of Rita Repulsa armed with the might of a robotic mastodon? Well, that's almost certainly never going to happen. But you can pretend by wearing this officially licensed Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers t-shirt resembling the costume of Zack, the Black Ranger! It's perfect for Halloween or just geeking it up, Ranger-style.

Yellow Ranger

Ever dream of being granted great power by Zordon to defend the Earth from Rita Repulsa? Then order this Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers t-shirt today and take up the mantle of Trini, the Yellow Ranger! The officially licensed tee features the Yellow Ranger's sabre-tooth tiger power coin on the chest and belt.

  • 100% cotton
  • Officially Licensed Power Rangers shirt.
  • Standard Fit
  • For youth, click here
  • For toddlers, click here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

The shirt was perfect! The design was accurate, great quality and my son loved that I was “in costume” for his power ranger costume birthday party.

Great fit and quality

The shirt was perfect! The color, quality and design was great. Spot on! It fits like men’s skeet be mindful when selecting your size.

Thomas C.
Fast, quality service! I can’t say enough good things.

I ordered my shirt on a Saturday & received it the next Thursday. It fit exactly as I wanted it to. I will be ordering other colors in the near future as Christmas gifts! Thank you for the fast, reliable service.

Ronnie O.

I was skeptic that the shirts wouldn’t be good condition nor even fit. But the shirts worked out perfectly and I Will definitely order more

Power Rangers Tshirts all 5 colors

Very happy with the tshirts. Very good quality and print. Exactly as they are advertise.

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