Lift Me Walking Carrying Youth Costume

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Size: Youth
Character: T-Rex
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It's never TOO early to start thinking about your little one's Halloween costume. And these are hot right now! Our Costumes are super popular right now because of how they give everyone the illusion that the wearer is actually riding on the back of a favorite animal. Whether they're riding on the shoulders of a Teddy or Panda Bear, or an elephant, these costumes are perfect, light, air-y, and easy to wear at Halloween. And the best part: They're fun! This is the Halloween costume.

  • Gives the illusion of a bear giving you a ride!
  • Unique, creative and funny
  • Perfect for Halloween, cosplay or just an ordinary day!
  • Includes candy bag
  • Unisex
  • For teen, click here
  • For teen small, click here
  • For adult, click here

Size chart
Ride On Costume Size Chart
This is the perfect Lift Me teen Halloween costume.

Customer Reviews

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Missing eyes and nose.

My daughter was excited to get her costume. The delivery was very fast. I was very surprise and excited myself. When I took it out of the box, it look like the costume except it was missing it's eyes and nose. So I looked for it in the box and couldn't find it. This was the weirdest thing ever. I preped my daughter and told her I'll try and fix it. I checked online to see if there was a disclaimer , like missing eyes and nose. It was the weirdest thing, but I will live. I just won't order a product from this website again.

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