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Are you wondering what all the psych is about? It's about these Kigurumis! What is a Kigurumi? Well, to put it simply, they're Japanese Pajamas! The word is a combination of two Japanese phrases: Kiru means to wear and Nuigurumi means stuffed toy. In other words, wearing these pajamas is like wearing a stuffed animal! With a relaxed fit and a very unique look, this popular Japanese clothing item is sure to please just about anyone. With designs that feature many of your favorite characters from television shows and movies, these Kigurumi Pajamas are a great choice for any fan of both comfort and style! Let the world know that you're anything but typical with one of these cute, fun and interesting Kigurumi costumes.
Adventure Time Finn the Human Hooded Kigurumi One Piece Pajama
Adventure Time Jake the Dog Hooded Kigurumi One Piece Pajama
The Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Hooded Kigurumi One Piece Pajama
My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hooded Kigurumi One Piece Pajama
Doctor Who Police Booth Tardis Hooded Kigurumi One Piece Pajama
Are you looking for a cute and fun new way to lounge in both comfort and style? Well, look no further than a Kigurumi! With a super relaxed fit and room to spare, these Japanese inspired costumes are a unique and interesting style of pajama that allows for maximum comfort. Featuring characters like Jake the Dog, Soft Kitty, Rainbow Dash, Finn the Human and even the Tardis, these fun and entertaining Kirugumi Pajamas are a perfect choice for any geek who likes to relax and enjoy their favorite shows in style. Let your whole family know how much you love your favorite television series with these super adorable and comfy Japanese pajamas!