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Whether you're shopping for an outfit for Halloween or a costume party, we have 80's costumes and superhero costumes from all of your favorite characters, movies and TV shows. You'll be the life of the party when you dress up as characters from movies like Animal House, Batman, Borat, Dodgeball, Ghostbusters, The Hangover, The Karate Kid, Juno, Napoleon Dynamite, Office Space and more.

Doppler Effect Adult Costume
Full Body Spandex Suit Costume
A Christmas Story Adult Bunny Suit Pink Pajama Gag Costume
Inflatable Chub Suit Costume
Wilfred Costume Deluxe with Fire Hydrant Prop
Domo Adult Licensed Costume
Dumb & Dumber Orange and Blue Adult Costume Tuxedo
Gumby Clay Adult Standard Unisex Halloween Costume
Family Guy Peanut Butter Jelly Time Banana Adult Costume
Fear and Loathing Costume Set
Progressive Flo Insurance Girl Costume Set
The Greatest American Hero Red Costume Set
Santa Claus Inflatable Chub Suit Costume With Beard and Hat
The Simpsons Duff Man Deluxe Halloween Costume Set
T-Qualizer El Lit Glowing Sound Activated Gradient Equalizer Music T-shirt
Candy Nerds Knee High Socks
Amy Winehouse Tattoo and Wig Set
Seinfeld Cosmo Kramer Lobster Button-Up White Shirt
Superhero Costume Gloves in Assorted Colors
Superhero Adult Costume Cape
Ted Movie Deluxe Bear Adult Jumpsuit Costume
Superhero Costume Felt Eye Masks Assorted Colors (1 Mask)
All Colors Wrestling Briefs Shorts
Where's Waldo Costume Kit
Wonder Woman Inspired Superstar Leggings Costume Pants
Pro Wrestling Costume Men's Boots
Become part of the wolf pack with an Alan outfit featuring some lookalike aviator sunglasses and a purse satchel bag. Or get your Napoleon Dynamite on with a "Vote for Pedro" shirt and some puffy moon boots. And don't limit yourself to just blockbuster movies. We have TV character costumes galore! Express your inner nerd with a Charlie Brown costume or Cosmo Kramer's lobster shirt. Bring out your wild side as Sookie from True Blood. 80's costumes always get people reminiscing. Turn back time with a Flash Gordon outfit, Magnum P.I. shirt or a Ghostbusters costume. And don't forget one of the most popular character costumes this year is the green man body suit. Wear it to parties, for Halloween or to sports events.