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Legends of the Hidden Temple

Legends of the Hidden Temple is the best kept secret in the world of game shows. For a short while in the mid 90's it was the greatest game show on television. Pitting groups of kids against each other in battles of both wit and strength, it took the best elements of the family friendly shows that came before it and combined them into one awesome half hour of entertainment. If you're a fan of Legends of the Hidden Temple, check out our selection of t-shirts from the show.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Adult Costume T-shirt
Adult Costume Helmet

Ask anyone alive today when the heyday of kids TV channel Nickelodeon was and of course they will tell you it was the 90s. But while everyone fondly remembers cartoons like Rugrats and Rocko's Modern Life, there were some pretty good live action shows too like the Indiana Jones inspired game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. Whether you are one of the Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots or Silver Snakes, you can show your support for a bygone era with these costume shirts. These are treasures you can get without doing some physical challenge because an Olmec head told you so.