Facts & Myths about Halloween

Have you ever been curious about the origins of Halloween? 

Why is it celebrated? Why are the colors that are most commonly-associated with the holiday, orange and black? 

If the last question has ever crossed your mind, then you may already know the answer.  But, for those of you that don’t–here’s some facts associated with Halloween that might help break the ice at the next party.

Halloween Costume Ideas adults

Orange and black are thought to be associated with Halloween as a result of the color black being frequently-associated with death and darkness; orange is frequently-associated with the bountiful fall harvest.

Halloween is also frequently-associated with Samhain.  Starting in Ireland, the Irish would celebrate the Samhain holiday by hollowing out turnips and putting lit candles in them to keep the ghosts and evil spirits away–which is where the modern day Jack-O-Lantern comes from.

The Irish and their Celtic ancestors believed that ghosts and spirits roamed throughout the county on All Hallows Eve (Halloween) night.  So in order to keep the ghosts and spirits from thinking that they were human, the Irish began wearing costumes and masks--like these.

Halloween first came to America with the arrival of various groups of immigrants. They would celebrate the holiday by telling fortunes, dancing, singing and telling ghost stories around the bonfire.

Halloween FAQ For Adults

As you can see, Halloween is full of fun facts. Here are some frequently asked questions in to Halloween, as well as some ideas for the perfect Halloween costume!

What Day is Halloween This Year (2023)?

This year, Halloween is on Tuesday, October 31st. Costumes are an important part of Halloween and if you’re looking for a fun Halloween costume to wear to your next party you can get all of your movie and TV show-inspired costumes here at TVStoreOnline.com.

What is Halloween?

What I Should be for Halloween?

Traditional Halloween activities include carving pumpkins, visiting haunted houses or corn mazes, dressing up and going to costume parties or bonfires and even trick-or-treating with the kids. 

What should I be for Halloween?

Every year we are faced with the same question: What to dress up as for Halloween?  We know that the day is fast approaching…as it does each year and we really shouldn't wait until the very last minute to rush out and try to find a costume that actually works. The year’s top costumes tend to sell out fast when you look for a Halloween costume online.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Let’s face it, Halloween sneaks up on us every year. Yes, it is one of the most fun holidays of the year, but choosing a costume can be downright scary.  

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Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is a time of fun, losing your inhibitions and letting your “freak flag” fly. TVStoreOnline.com has a fun variety of sexy, slinky and eye-catching superhero and cosplay costumes and outfits available that are perfect for the Halloween season and comic con where it’s important to turn heads.

Kid's Halloween Costumes

Who loves Halloween more than kids? No-one!  Our large selection of Halloween and comic con costumes and accessories for adults, is equal to our wide selection of fun superhero, movie, and television series costumes.

Halloween Costumes for Women

The TV/Movie/comic universe suffers no shortage of female icons and we have the costume selection to match! Fans of Marvel and DC characters like Wonder Woman and Catwoman can choose a Halloween costume that pays homage to numerous actresses, female superheroes or simply female-themed outfits!

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