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There's no denying it: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is a genuine, laugh-out-loud funny movie.

With humor ranging from crass and stupid to absurd satire,  the movie. shocks and amuses.  And that’s why below we’ve taken the liberty of putting together some ideas on how you can put together a cool Ron Burgundy Anchorman Halloween costume for this year’s festivities.

Will Ferrell's arrogant anchorman "Ron Burgundy" spearheads the local Channel 4 Nightly News team, a group of buffoons whose ignorance infiltrates the living rooms of San Diego. 

But, what makes the movie so great is that its cast of characters are unforgettable. 

For example, Steve Carrell depicts, a presumably mentally retarded, weather man, who describes Iowa as the "Middle East." His facial expressions threaten to dominate every scene, and that’s because his talent as a comedic actor is unquestionable. 

The plot of Anchorman manages to walk that invisible line that invisible line that makes it a critical satire mixed with a stupid, popcorn movie.  But unlike a vast majority of modern comedies, Anchorman never goes for the easy laugh.

Anchorman has been ignored since its release in the sense that it's never received the serious attention that it might deserve, when it come to being a satire on America--after all, the film genuinely does have something to say about entertainment and media culture within the United States today.

One of its most visible themes is sexism in the entertainment industry. Veronica Corningstone, Ron Burgundy's  rival and lover, struggles within the male-dominated world of the nightly news. 

She is slighted and objectified throughout the film, despite her confidence and talent. Veronica is forced to work twice as hard as the Burgundy character has; she makes attempts to establish herself as an anchor, given his spot only when he proves his complete incompetence. 

Veronica’s attempts to shatter the glass ceiling should be relatable to women in the film’s audience who may have sought equal employment opportunities in the 1970s. 

The way that Veronica is regarded in the media is something that audiences 20-years later can see is still happening in today's news world (Megyn Kelly at Fox News, for example), as women strive to reach their career goals with their hard-work and talent, rather than with her good looks.

Anchorman also mocks the triviality of the news industry, with its desperate need for sensationalism and Left or Right-leaning opinions. 

At the end of Anchorman, every news anchor in town races to the zoo to get a shot of a panda giving birth. The event is lauded as a winning story. The sequence in the film is easy to decipher as satirical; ahead-of-its-time since today’s news networks like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are constantly in motion; trying to add gravity to any story so as to spoon feed audiences something that has the appearance of having an enormous weight so they can build audiences, get ratings, and earn ad revenue.

Anchorman mocks the facts, replaces them with opinions as facts and delineates the news with cute animals.

The characters on the News Team had no true capability to inform audiences at home watching. Their grossness and ignorance parodies today’s news anchors on Fox News, who chose to spread lies about the 2020 election and spread disinformation to audiences about the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol in Washington D.C. 

The news is no longer about informing or educating the American public; today money and higher ratings are priority.

Ron Burgundy Costume DIY

Want to dress up as Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy this Halloween?  It’s a pretty easy Halloween or comic con cosplay costume to put together. All you need is an Anchorman Ron Burgundy Wig, mustache, and burgundy, 1970s-style business suit from a website like TV Store Online.

No time to hunt down pieces?  Many online Halloween costume websites offer a deluxe Halloween costume that provides everything anyone would need to become Ron Burgundy during the Halloween or comic con seasons.

Ron Burgundy Halloween Costume Suit

Ron Burgundy’s iconic 1970s-style suit is a dime a dozen. Search local thrift stores for replica 1970s-style suits like the one worn by actor Will Ferrell in the hit comedy.  Can’t find what you’re looking for? Costume websites like offer a Ron Burgundy Halloween costume with a replica burgundy suit.

Ron Burgundy Costume Wig

It’s a hairstyle from the late-1970s and early-1980s. You can get just about any wig and comb and shape it to resemble Ron Burgundy’s hair from the film for Halloween.  But, if you want to save time, you can also buy a Ron Burgundy wig on the internet for mere peanuts that is an exact replica.

Anchorman Crew Costume

Vintage suits like those worn by the Anchorman News Team in the hit comedy can be found for a few bucks at local thrift stores or on eBay.

Since the suits worn by the characters in the film are similar to those worn by real people in the late-1970s and early-1980s, they are pretty easy to find in a variety of sizes at a thrift store during the Halloween season.

Veronica Corningstone Costume

Finding a dress so you can dress up as Veronica Corningstone for Halloween is going to take some trips to your local thrift stores and second hand fashion boutiques.  

Don’t be afraid to ask your favorite aunt if she has any of her old dresses from the late-1970s buried in the back of her closet yet too. 

However,  once you have a dress all that’s left is to dye your hair to match that of actress Christina Applegate from the movie.

Anchorman Costume Couples

Looking for a fun couples Halloween costume?  Why not go as Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone?  

A Ron Burgundy DIY Halloween costume and a Veronica Corningstone DIY Halloween costume should be pretty easy to put together if you shop at your local thrift stores, second hand fashion boutiques. 

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