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 SNL Halloween Costumes

Have you ever wanted to dress up as your favorite Saturday Night Live character for Halloween?  

Fans of SNL that love characters like Wayne & Garth, The Church Lady, and Goat Boy that wish to transform into any of these iconic SNL characters for your next Halloween party, will appreciate these tips and tricks when it comes to putting together a DIY Saturday Night Live costume for Halloween or your next comic con.

Saturday Night Live Couples Costumes

Saturday Night Live Halloween Costume

SNL is truly iconic.  An important part of American pop culture since the mid-1970s, the show has influenced and inspired many. As a result, it’s never been easier as a fan of the show to dress up as your favorite sketch character. From the Coneheads, Blues Brothers, to the guys associated with “Da Bears,” there are a lot of options for fans when it comes to Halloween.  

Whether you’re looking for a deluxe Saturday Night Live costume to wear to a costume party with friends, family or co-workers or you’re more of a creative type that would love to work on a DIY Saturday Night Live costume, you’ve got lots of choices thanks to websites like and others that offer a wide variety of SNL costumes.

DIY Saturday Night Live Costume Ideas

DIY Saturday Night Costume Ideas

Speaking of DIY Saturday Night Live costume ideas, with a quick Google search any fan of the long-running sketch comedy TV series will find everything needed to round out their DIY SNL costume.  Whether it’s the sweater or jacket needed to be one of the guys who sits around the table and says “Da Bears,” or the Coneheads prosthetic for your head, or the cowbell and the tight brown shirt for the “More Cowbell” Christopher Walken/Will Ferrell sketch, a DIY Saturday Night Live Halloween or comic con cosplay costume is easy to do.

Coolest Homemade Saturday Night Live Costumes

Saturday Night Live Halloween Costume

Putting together a homemade Saturday Night Live costume is easier than one would think.  Simply, pick your favorite character and round out your SNL Halloween or comic con cosplay costume with the necessary pieces that you can find on the internet on a website like or any other costume retailers in business today.

Saturday Night Live Couples Costumes

A Saturday Night Live couples costume is easier to find than you think.  For example, fans of the show, and it’s characters, like the Spartan Cheerleaders, can find matching costumes on several different high-quality, deluxe SNL couples costumes on the internet on websites like

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