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There is no doubt that the  80's were an iconic era that produced a number of unforgettable looks, fashions,  movies, celebrities and television shows - some cringeworthy and others worthy of emulating. If you are planning on hosting or attending an 80's party, here are 5 categories of iconic  classic 80's costumes to choose from.

80's TV shows

The 80's produced a wide range of classic TV shows that offer a plethora of 80's TV costumes to choose from. Whether you want to go sexy and sultry as a Baywatch babe or go the more comedic route as Steve Urkel from the hit show Family Matters or even go with the loose suits and pastels of Miami Vice, 80's TV costumes are ripe for the picking. You can even get a group of friends together to go as an the cast of an entire show. Here are some other great characters/ shows to choose from:

  • Mr. T from the A-Team
  • Steve McGarrett from the original Hawaii 5-0
  • Bo or Luke Duke, Daisy Duke or Boss Hogg from  The Dukes Of Hazard
  • ALF
  • Ponch or Jon from CHiPs
  • Janet, Crissy and Jack from Three's Company
  • JR Ewing from Dallas
  • Doogie Howser
  • The Golden Girls
  • Isaac from The Love Boat
  • Crockett or Tubbs from  Miami Vice

80's Music

From Madonna and Cyndi Lauper to a wide variety of 80's metal hair bands, music in the 80's offers a wide range of looks and styles to choose from. Whether you choose the side ponytail, flats and wild colored ballerina skirts of the "Girls Just Wanna' Have Fun" look or the dark, sultry, ripped leggings, webbed, cropped shirt and numerous black rubber bracelets of Madonna's breakthrough "Borderline" look, 80's music has a wide variety of looks to offer the ladies. For the gentleman, snakeskin spandex pants and cowboy boots are as much a basic staple of 80's heavy metal as guyliner and even manscara. For the truly wild at heart, you can recreate Boy George's androgynous look or George Michael's fresh, pop look from his Wham! days. And of course, there is the living legend himself, the iconic Michael Jackson who offers his own vast array of looks to choose from.

80's Movies

The 80's produced a plethora of  iconic movies offering a wide range of looks to choose from. Whether it's Princess Leia's white robe and iconic cinnamon buns from the movie Star Wars to Tom Cruise's laid back military look in Top Gun,  80's movie costumes offer a great selection to choose from. For the more crafty, you can create a more detailed costume from the movie Gremilins or perhaps the alien from ET or even the movie Aliens. Marty McFly and Doc from Back To The Future are also beloved characters that would make for great 80's movie costumes. Here are some other great movies and characters to choose from:

  • Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop
  • Snake Plissken from Escape From New York
  • Daniel San from The Karate Kid
  • Any (or all) of the characters from The Breakfast Club
  • Andi from Sixteen Candles
  • The Duck Man from Pretty In Pink
  • Freddie Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street


Wrestling was a huge basic staple of the 80's that burst onto the screen and presented the world with a cast of colorful characters ranging from  Randy Macho Man Savage to Hulk Hogan and even elevated promoters like Vince McMahon to Rock Star status. Whether you want to go for the tights and "panties" look of wrestlers in the ring or simply the wild fur and feathers affairs they frequently wore outside the wring, the  WWF/WWE legends of the 80's offer some great looks to choose from for great 1980's costumes.

Cartoon/ Video game characters

Video games burst out of homes and into full fledged video game arcades in the 1980's presenting such classics as Asteroid and  Pac Man. Classic 80's cartoons also offer a wide variety of character to choose from, ranging from the  Transformers to the Thundercats to the Smurfs. If you want to get a group of friends together and create a group costume, you can't go wrong with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( TMNT). Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael are still big hits even today thanks to the recent movies that were released based on the 80's cartoon. 

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