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Hulk Hogan Costumes

These costumes are extremely popular with people who admire wrestling - both kids and adults alike. In fact,  Hulk Hogan seems to never go out of style as one of the most popular WWE wrestlers of the 1980's - anyone who wants to show his manly side loves these costumes. There are so many variations of this outfit - such as the yellow top, red tights, sunglasses, belt, and the bandanna. If you want to add some manliness to the costume, you should choose the muscle shirt variety to add some abs and pecs.

Macho Man Randy Savage Costumes

Randy Savage is another WWW wrestler who became quite famous in the 1980's and 90's. In fact, ardent fans might still remember the signature catchphrase - OOOHH YEAH of Macho Man. You may also remember the distinct voice and flamboyant clothing of the man. Don't forget to dress up in one of Randy's eye-catching costumes this Halloween with his signature cowboy hat. In fact, you can buy some of the popular Macho Man costumes such as the purple Macho Man tank top and the tie-dye tank top on eBay or Amazon at an affordable price. On the other hand, if you want to really enhance your Macho Man looks you can buy Randy's long fringe jackets and sequined cape on eBay or Walmart.

Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman saw a resurgence in her popularity with the 2017 release of Wonder Woman and Justice League movies. In fact, the character has been inspiring as well as empowering girls in America and across the globe since the 1940's. Whether you are searching for a more traditional gold, blue, and red outfit or the dashing leather outfit that is popular in this day and age, Wonder Woman costumes are quite popular for this Halloween. If you want to fight the patriarchy and evil, you should definitely go for the  Wonder Woman costume this Halloween.

Transformers Costumes

The original Transformers was an animated show that became popular on television in the 1980's. It introduced the epic battle between the evil Decepticons and the Autobots. The show is still watched by a majority of kids and adults across the country. Due to the mega success of the Transformers movie - starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox - you can find many costume versions of the characters of the movie. In fact, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are two of the most popular characters with kids as well as adults. In fact, if you want to dress up your infant for this Halloween, there is an Optimus Prime hat and bib available from BZANY. On the other hand, you can find  Transformers costumes on many different websites and offline stores - including TV Store Online.

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