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It will be Halloween before you know it, so you may want to start focusing on great costume ideas for the occasion. While there are some people who grab anything and try making it work, there are others who throw themselves into the holiday and makes it fun for themselves and all those around them. Here are a few great ideas you may want to give some a little thought.

Suicide Squad

There is no such thing as a hero if there is no villain, which means that the bad guys are just as important as the good ones. In recent times, this fact has been reflected on the big screen. Diablo, Harley Quinn and the Joker are some of the villains that were shown on  Suicide Squad. The film was a hit, but the costumes garnered more attention than anything. Many are leaning toward Harley Quinn and the Joker. These are iconic figures and the costumes have a playful edge to them. It would be even better if you find a friend and you both dress up in one of these costumes. You may even win a prize for the best looking couple of the night.


Thor is a  superhero that has all of the powers in the world and the great looks to match. Those who are familiar with him know that Norse legends were a big influence for this film, which makes it more interesting than ever. One reason that this costume is going to be popular this year us the fact that a new film is coming out and there will be more characters to fall in love with. Hulk is featured in this movie, so it should not be surprising to know that this will be a popular costume as well.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a character that has been around for many generations, but she as not graced the big screen. This is strange since superhero films are a huge moneymaker. This year when Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, people got the opportunity to see Wonder Woman. She is poised, fierce and just as tough as any of them. Many adored her character and thought she was the reason the film was so great. With a 2017 film that focuses on her, you know that her costume will be on top of many people's wish lists.

Movie Costumes

You should not keep sitting around wasting any more time. The more you are willing to work on it, the more you can make a few tweaks and make any of these  costumes your own. Each Halloween should be more thrilling than those before it, so try to outshine yourself. Do yourself a favor and remember to take photos and.or videos and share them with others.

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