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Have you ever wondered why you can’t let yourself miss the latest episode of your favorite soap opera? Fear not, you‘re not alone! These shows are just so captivating! Every day soap operas capture the hearts of viewers all around the world. The characters are just like you, the plot is incredibly plausible, and the drama will keep you at the edge of your seat. Soap operas are the best!

The characters in any soap opera are often characters that you can identify with. These people are businessmen, wives, sons, daughters, employees, and everyday people just like you are. This makes it easy to take out your favorite character and fantasize that you have replaced them. Maybe you are a new business owner wondering what it would be like to have a relationship with the girl of your dreams. Maybe you have two kids that you have never seen. Maybe you just want to be someone that you’re not. Any of these characters could be you!

Audiences love soaps because they are so full of drama. The main character is having an affair and finds out about some third party with children that they’ve never met. Maybe the wife in the soap opera is creating some new identity or completing some dirty task in secret. Even though these soap operas are realistic, there are always twists and turn those draw viewers in. Soap operas are never boring because they’re so full of drama!

Most soap operas seem to end with “to be continued…” or “next time on….”. With endings like this, it’s hard not to pull your hair out wondering what will happen next! These endings will draw you in and ensure that you will be viewing the next episode of your favorite soap. The drama is simply never ending!

The people in soap operas have realistic jobs, realistic families, and realistic work environments. It’s entirely possible to put yourself in place of the guy that works for the law firm in your favorite soap opera. There are no fairies, unicorns, or gremlins jumping out at you to make you believe that the soap opera is anything less than what could happen in real life.

So really, watching a soap opera is like watching yourself on the television screen. These soap operas are so catchy because they’re so realistic! Mystery solved!

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