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Are Dinobots in Transformers 4?

Yes. The Dinobot leader Grimlock and the flying Dinobot Swoop will definitely be in Transformers 4. They are clearly seen in the trailers and TV spots. We can even see Optimus Prime smash through some sort of Chinese architecture building/rock crest formation combo while riding Grimlock – a very striking scene indeed.

Dinobots are the ultimate wild card in the Transformers universe. A formidable, marauding band of loose cannons who do not always fall in line as good Autobots do, they are the cybernetic equivalent of rough-housing mercenaries. But these fighting Dinobots do not seek fortune; no, they are a warrior breed, who fight for justice and good. Fiercely independent, these Dinobots always places their own agenda above that of any Autobot or Decepticon. In fact, the mighty Optimus Prime has found himself on more than one occasion having to coax these fearsome Dinobots into siding with the Autobots against a common foe.

There are five original Dinobots: Slag transforms into a Triceratops and plows through the enemy head on with a frontal assault; Sludge is an Apatosaurus who uses his great weight to creating stomping-earthquakes, the Stegosaurus Dinobot Snarl renders enemies asunder by swinging his terrible spiked tail; Swoop, the flying Pteranodon, brings mayhem and destruction from above, and finally Grimlock, transforming into the king of Dinobots as a T-Rex, chomps the enemy to bits with his powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth. Yes, the Dinobots are in Transformers 4, and that’s a good thing, cuz if they ever got out, it’d mean big trouble for us all.

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