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You don’t have to go all-out to get the message across that you love a certain can go pretty subtle and the people who should get it, will get it. Think about a few of these ideas:

Office Space 

Mike Judge’s 1999 comedy about life in the world of white-collar drudgery was done on a skimpy budget and had a limited release, but it’s had an amazing set of legs for the last 15-plus years. That’s because it so accurately nailed the day-to-day details of working in a faceless, nameless office park…Milton Waddams and his red Swingline stapler, the forced camaraderie of Chotchkies, the cathartic baseball-bat beatdown of the printer, the Two Bobs or just a simple, subtle Initech logo...and we’ve got ‘em all here!


The Big Lebowski

The Dude Abides with a cardigan sweater/wig/goatee combination, the Team Dude bowling shirt or t-shirts honoring Donny, Lebowski, Walter and the Urban Achievers. And to think that all he wanted was to get his rug back…it really tied the room together.  

The Blues Brothers

Straight out of one of the best movies from the 80s, choose from various Jake and Elwood shirts or even a scale model of the ’74 Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile cop car, complete with giant roof-mounted loudspeaker. Those guys were on a mission from God...and it’s 106 miles to Chicago!


Are you man enough to wear Borat's Mankini thong? How about the wig and mustache, easily paired with a cheap, ill-fitting gray suit? High five!

A Christmas Story

This movie and its sly, tongue-in-cheek wit has replaced traditional Christmas fare like Miracle on 34th Street in millions of households. Choose from the Leg Lamp, Ralphie’s infamous “Ohhhh Fudge!” , the Triple Dog Dare or, if you really want to go all the way, the Pink Bunny Suit Pajamas. Christmas is coming...don’t shoot your eye out!


"I'm Ron Burgundy, with the news"...that could be you in a kick-ass wine-colored faux three-piece polyester suit T-shirt! Or choose from Stay Classy San Diego, “I’m Kind of a Big Deal,”  or “I Love Lamp” designs to  keep one of the funniest movies of the 2000s alive. Hey, you know what’d go great with that suit T-shirt? Some Sex Panther cologne! Only $35, and it smells like it, too! 




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