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Stars of the hit show The Big Bang Theory will be hitting the red carpet for the Emmy Awards on September 18th, and Jim Parsons will be coming off of last year’s surprise win over leading candidate Alec Baldwin. Baldwin is a two-time winner and still in the hunt for a third trophy this year. With Curb Your Enthusiasm taking 2010 off, there’s more of an open field. Some say Steve Carell has the best chance because of his dynamic performance in the last year of his tenure with The Office. However, the only other actor to win the Emmy award on his last year on a show was one Ricky Gervais, for his portrayal of the same character on the British version of The Office. Also, Steve Carell has been nominated every year he’s been on the show, which statistics say gives you a worse chance at winning. You also have Matt LeBlanc in his first cable show starring in Episodes, playing himself. This also means that next year we may have two actors up for Emmy awards who are playing themselves in a typical Hollywood world, but that’s another story for another day.

As for The Big Bang Theory, in addition to Jim Parsons defending his not-so-heavyweight title, Johnny Galecki is also up for an Emmy nomination. Unfortunately, the theory on the Big Bang Theory at the Emmy awards this year is that each actor, so liked on their popular show, will cancel each other out in the voting. In the case of Modern Family in their first year, this did not happen, but with the Big Bang theory it is different. The show has been on for awhile, so it doesn’t have that fresh advantage. Also, with Jim Parsons winning last year, and pretty much considered the funniest part of the show, it presents a hard situation for Johnny Galecki. It seems either he will take votes away from Jim Parsons, or just simply watch his co-star take the award live and in person. Either way, I don’t think the Emmy award night is going to go well for Johnny Galecki, but I’m sure he’ll have an ok time. I also think that the Big Bang Theory as a show will have just an ok time, because there are too many power-house actors in the way. Maybe they can rack up an Emmy from one of the lesser known categories. It should be an interesting night either way. Bazinga!

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