Clark Kent Ends A Ten Year Long Journey On Smallville-tvso

May 13 of the year 2011 will be remembered as the day that Smallville ended. The series, which has spent a decade on air, has come down to two final hours, and those final hours will take Clark Kent, the boy from Smallville and the son of Jonathan and Martha Kent, to Superman. For the last ten years, fans have tuned in to watch Clark grow up. The story of Superman has been told many times over the years, and it will be told again on the big screen with a new man taking on the character, but fans are already missing this creation.

Smallville began ten years ago on The WB, and it was one of the series that was picked up to continue when The WB disappeared and CW took its place. A change to Friday nights a couple of years ago worried fans, but the series remained strong, and the cast and crew fought to keep it on the air. The star of the series, Tom Welling, took a more active role in the behind-the-scenes of the series, and he has directed several episodes in recent years. He grew up as a person and an artist over the time he spent in the shoes of Clark Kent.

Smallville tried to do something different when it came to Superman and his story. It tried to tell the story of the boy that becomes the hero. Before the tights, before the cape, before he even met Lois Lane. The series had its issues over the years, but it grew up over the time it spent on air. Smallville had plenty of growing pains, and now it is complete. Clark Kent is ready to take his final steps to destiny.

The series wanted to finish out on its own terms, and many cast favorites have returned in these final episodes, and even more, will return in the finale. The most anticipated return is of Lex Luthor. Michael Rosenbaum took his sweet time to return to Smallville, but he finally decided to do so earlier this year. Now Clark and Lex will face off one final time. The series had its moments over the years, and now fans will be faced with what to do now that the series is complete. Tom Welling will also be faced with the question of 'what's next?' for him. He is connected to Clark Kent now, and that is not always a good thing.

Smallville had a good run, and now it is time to say good-bye to Superman. That is until Henry Cavill brings him back to the big screen. Superman will never die. He'll be reborn again and again for new generations to enjoy. For now, it is the end of one journey and the wait for the next.

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