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Movie-themed t-shirts are a great way to reflect your unique personality, while at the same time remaining comfortable on a hot day. T-shirts are made with custom images based upon movies from any genre that you may be interested in. It's actually possible to find horror-themed t-shirts from classic 1980's horror movies, to shirt from modern animated films. Among the most popular genres is comics. Several remakes of classical comics have hit the big screen lately, driving the popularity of the t-shirts to an all-time high.

Comic-themed t-shirts are great for relaxing with friends, lounging at the pool over the weekend, or wearing to any casual event. Your buddies will certainly appreciate the appeal of your choice of t-shirts. In light of their popularity, they also make great gifts for the comic in your life. Here are some of the most popular choices of movie-themed t-shirts available today.

Wonder Woman

Every mother deserves a  Wonder Woman t-shirt. Mothers are the embodiment of what Wonder Woman represents. They provide love and care to their children, keep their home tidy, cook wonderful dinners, and navigate stacks of laundry on a daily basis, and they do this all while still looking beautiful. Maybe you're the backbone of your workplace, who keeps the place ticking. Or a strong friend that everyone turns to for help with life's problems. Every woman is wonderful in her unique way. A Wonder Woman t-shirt puts your superpowers on display for the world to see, and speaks to your love of superhero movies too.

Captain America

Most people can identify with  Captain America. This superhero rose out of the depths of obscurity, gaining superpowers after a sickly life. You may not have been tasked with saving us all from a mastermind determined to rule the world, but maybe you have a reputation for your generosity and willingness to give someone a leg up when they are in need. Captain America is one of the most beloved Avenger characters, so this t-shirt makes a great gift to tell someone you love that they're a superhero to you.

Incredible Hulk

Maybe you're known as the classmate who cracks under the pressure, the overly dramatic friend, or even the tough-as-nails boss. An  Incredible Hulk t-shirt is a great way of taking ownership over one of your shortcomings, while at the same time showing that you can laugh about it. This t-shirt featuring a lovable, though destructive character, makes a great gift for any movie fan who tends to over react to stressful situations.

Iron Man

If you want to get laughs from your buddies or coworkers, an  Iron Man t-shirt is the way to go! But beware... your friends may develop a sudden craving for shawarma. Iron Man is a superhero of his own design, having built an exoskeleton that is capable of warding off even the most formidable enemies. If you have a friend or relative that seems to be able to overcome any hurdle in his path, this is just the t-shirt for him. You might even want this t-shirt for yourself to reflect your strong backbone, and willingness to stand up for what's right.

Green Lantern

One of the funniest superhero-themed t-shirts is the  Green Lantern. This character derives all his power directly from the strength of his will. Whether you are a devoted fan of the Green Lantern or not, this is a great t-shirt to wear to show your belief in will power. This t-shirt makes a great gift for anyone that is thought of as a mediator among her peers, or who demonstrates sheer determination and will power on a daily basis.

Whatever genre is your favorite, be it the classics, comedy, or even horror, there are plenty of cool movie-themed t-shirts for you to choose from. Fans of the comic book, television series, or movies, will love a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt as a gift. One great theme for a party is Star Wars. The Matrix is an excellent choice for science fiction fans. Browse through product choices online to begin building your own collection of great movie t-shirts, that represent the best parts of your personality.

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