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While it’s a bit of low blow to poke fun of your fellow nerds and geeks at comic con for their lack of ability to create a solid cosplay, it's hard to ignore those who have made no effort whatsoever to bring to life their favorite character. Sure, there are those that have tried and done a great job at putting together their costume -- even though their body doesn't necessarily support the character. There are also those who are simply on really tight budget. They’re forgiven.

And of course: everyone remembers hearing the story or reading the article about Paulo Henrique dos Santos, a 35-years-old guy in Brazil that loved The Incredible Hulk so much that he wanted to dress up as him. Well, unfortunately, he couldn't find any green body paint for his cosplay, so he used the next best thing: ballistic missile paint -- it took him months to get the paint to fully wash off of his body!

And then, there are these people, who are either trying to just get attention or are either making fun of the whole cosplay, geek comic con culture zeitgeist. There is cosplay gone wrong, and then there are these people that cosplay just doesn't like: