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Does Spiderman Have a Girlfriend? | Spiderman Facts

Spiderman is the action hero that kids for generations have loved. He has been appearing in comics, television series and movies for more than 50 years now. There is probably not a place in the world where children have never heard of this character.

The Spiderman story begins with Peter Parker who is an orphan being raised by his aunt and uncle. Throughout the years, he has had a number of different love interests.

First there was his first crush when he was in high school. Her name was Liz Allen.

After that, he had his first date with a woman named Betty Brant who was the secretary of the publisher of the Daily Bugler newspaper, J Jonah Jameson. They dated for a while but it didn’t last.

Eventually, Peter (Spiderman) falls in love. This time it is a college girlfriend named Gwen Stacy. She was the daughter of George Stacy who was a detective captain with the New York City Police Department. Both he and Gwen were killed by enemies of Spiderman.

Mary Jane Watson (and this is the point in his life where the movies have focused) then became first Peter’s girlfriend and later his wife.

At some point before Mary Jane there was also Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat. She was a reformed cat burglar. So, Spiderman is just like every other red blooded person. He had a few girlfriends but eventually settled down and married his sweetheart.

To answer the question: Spidey has several girlfriends throughout the Spiderman timeline.

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