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Choosing a famous movie Halloween costume this year lets you enjoy immediate recognition. Trying to come up with an original idea can stump you, but imitating your favorite movie character makes your outfit unforgettable. Your costume is sure to draw attention as your friends remember when they saw the movie that you represent. Taking on a persona that everyone remembers lets you add zip and pizazz to Halloween this year. Consider these choices for fun:

A League of Their Own Movie Costume

A League of Their Own

Find our Rockford Peaches AAGPBL Pink Baseball Women’s Costume Dresses for yourself and a few friends. A costume like the one that Tom Hanks wore lets you recreate the team with your own Rosie O’Donnell, Geena Davis and Madonna. Go to bat for the team with an outfit from an iconic movie.

The Big Lebowski

Who does not remember John Goodman in his bowling shirt? The “Dude” may have started the use of the greeting that is still popular today. Put on your bowling shirt and head for the nearest alley or Halloween party.

Hangover Movie Costume

The Hangover

Pretending to go to a bachelor party is easier than actually doing it, and the guys who booked a hotel suite in Vegas had a wild time. You can enjoy their escapades with a complete outfit for Alan, including a baby doll, wig, beard and a t-shirt. You can make a hangover look as bad as it really is.

Caddy Shack

Help your friends recall Bill Murray’s hilarious antics in trying to get the gopher at Bushwood CC. A bright red shirt and a red or white baseball hat are all you need to make your friends laugh.

Rocky Balboa

Find the Italian Stallion’s boxing robe in red and gold or black, a Rocky Win t-shirt and a Golden Glove pendant to create a great impression. Boxing shorts with the flag motif and a t-shirt from Mick’s Gym give you an authentic look.

Teen Wolf Movie Costume

Teen Wolf

Transform into Michael J. Fox’s teenage werewolf with a Beavers 42 basketball jersey in bright yellow. Including socks and short shorts as well as a jersey, the outfit demands attention. Our Beavers 42 werewolf with jacket costume features an enormous wig and beard that match the fur on the gloves. You can scare and entertain everyone at the same time.


Even though Ted is a relatively new movie when you compare it to the classics, it has already earned a place in everyone’s heart. Getting mentioned in the Pope’s presence makes it an especially popular choice for your Halloween costume this year. Our Ted Movie Deluxe Bear Adult Jumpsuit with a headpiece covers you completely, and you can use whatever language you choose to express yourself.

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