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If you grew up during the 1970s and 1980s, you probably remember the catchy Schoolhouse Rock cartoons that would come on during the Saturday morning cartoon times. You probably also learned a lot about several topics, including how a legislative bill gets created and passed, how to determine what an adjective is and much more. There were dozens of Schoolhouse Rock episodes throughout the years, but some stick out more than others for being more memorable and catchy. Here are a few of those that you may remember the most.

Three is a Magic Number

One of the most memorable Schoolhouse Rock episodes is entitled Three is a Magic Number. This was the debut episode of the Schoolhouse Rock series in 1973 and it was sung and written by Bob Dorough. It talks about the various traits of the number 3. It was also voted as one of the top ten of the 30th-anniversary edition and the band Blind Melon remade the song for an updated Schoolhouse Rocks album in the 1990s.

Conjunction Junction

This is memorable because both the tune and the title is catchy. This episode aired for the first time in 1973 and the song was written by Bob Dorough and sung by Jack Sheldon and Terry Morel. The cartoon shows a train engineer hooking boxcars to each other with verbal conjunctions. The memories were revived in recent years when Glee featured it in one of its episodes. This was also voted as the best song in the entire series for the 30th-anniversary edition.

The Preamble

In efforts to teach kids about the basics of our government, The Preamble debuted in 1976. The lyrics in this song talk about – you guessed it – the Preamble to our United States Constitution. In order to match a rhyming scheme, however, a small section of the Preamble had to be left out. This was voted number 6 of the best songs for the 30th-anniversary edition.

Where the Money Goes

Season 6 of Schoolhouse Rock was in the 1990s and the season, like previous seasons, focused on a particular topic. This particular season focused on managing money and other money topics to help teach kids about spending it responsibly. Where the Money Goes is an episode that debuted in 1995 and it involves a father telling his son about the various expenses that a family has to consider when spending money.

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