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While main characters in a sitcom are the most important part of the story-line and TV show, there are times when side characters present a new element. They also take the comedy up a notch and sometimes steal the scenes. In Family Guy, there are many side characters that make the episodes in which they appear even funnier than the already are. Here are some of the funniest Family Guy side characters that offer some of the biggest belly laughs.


Family Guy always goes the extra mile for a laugh and Seamus, the pirate that has two peg legs and two peg arms is just one example of that. He usually pops up in scenes with a weird word of advice for Peter and the group. He also tends to have charts stashed in his peg arms for when a visual piece of advice is needed. But he is also funny because of the irony. The legless pirate tries an attempt at stand up comedy. Does it get more ironic than that?

Mort Goldman

Family Guy pushes the envelope when it comes to stereotypes and there is no better example for that than Mort Goldman. He embodies every Jewish stereotype that is played up in pop culture, such as his constant belief that he is suffering from a terminal illness. He also owns the town’s pharmacy and is a very successful businessman.

Jake Tucker

This Family Guy side character has possibly the most unforgettable appearance of any character on TV. He has an upside down face with his mouth where is eyes are supposed to be and vice versa. His nose is also upside down. He’s is the son of Quahog news anchor Tom Tucker, who is a great side character himself.

Dr. Elmer Hartman

Many shows have wacky doctors which provide great comedy lines, but Family Guy’s Dr. Elmer Hartman is one of the best. His dialogue is extremely witty as he says comments that are often misconstrued as diagnoses, such as “You’ll be dead within a week” followed by a completely benign explanation in which the doctor was reading a Hagar the Horrible comic strip and he was simply making a comment on the pillager’s lifestyle.

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