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Originally slated for August, 10 2012, the much/mildly anticipated sequel to G.I. Joe might move to the July 28th weekend of 2012, to replace the opening of the Star TrekJ.J. Abrams, the director of Star Trek and mostly likely the director of the sequel, is currently directing and producing….I don’t know…seven things at once? That’s just a ballpark guess, but I can’t be too far off. The worry now is that he won’t have enough time to direct the actually anticipated sequel of Star Trek. Also, Paramount wishes to avoid the situation that went down with Iron Man 2, yet another sequel to a movie based on an older story. Iron Man 2’s script was apparently still being written as they were shooting, which I have to believe would be a little frustrating for cast and crew. Iron Man 2 came out to mixed reviews, but either way, it wasn’t as good of a situation as Paramount would have hoped, especially with all the money they are banking on comic book movies and their intertwining characters.

As for G.I. Joe 2, the director Jon M. Chu and the producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura will have to squish down their post-production schedule. To me this could mean a couple things. They know G.I. Joe 2 does not have the potential box office dominance as Star Trek’s sequel, and a July release is historically more profitable than an August date. Therefore, maybe they are trying to give it a better chance as well as hoping that the quality of Star Trek 2 will reach its potential with J.J. Abrams being allowed more time. On the other hand, they may be thinking that G.I. Joe 2 is going to be awful anyway, so they don’t care if the post-production is schedule is cut down, because they know they will make the money back with a strong Star Trek sequel.

Either way one thing is abundantly clear, and not only and am I not the first person to notice this, but I’m certain that this has been going on forever, but the rushing the sequel out thing has got to stop. It’s ruining good stories and good movies. However, the only way to stop it is to not go see them, because as long as butts are in the seats in large volumes as they always are with sequels, studios will keep regurgitating them as fast as a mother bird feeding a hoard of baby birds. Some sequels are great, but usually they’re either by accident or because they really had the story figured out well in advance. It still remains a crap shoot, but with large opening weekends, it’s a risk studios will always be willing to take. And even after this rant, as long as there are still Dark Knight’s and Spider-Man 2’s potentially out there, I can guarantee there are some sequels I will wait in line to see. They have us figured out I guess.

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