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How Does Breaking Bad End? (Spoiler Alert) - TVStoreOnline

How Does Breaking Bad End (spoiler alert)? - Breaking Bad Facts

The thrilling conclusion to FX's hit series, Breaking Bad, came to an end on September 29, 2013. A record breaking 10.3 million viewers tuned into see what became of the student and teacher duo, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. Vince Gilligan didn't disappoint his loyal fans when it came to the conclusion of the series. He delivered a final episode that was captivating and suspenseful until the end.

The final episode of Breaking Bad begins with Walt returning to New Mexico to track down his longtime friends, and former business partners, Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz. Well aware that the DEA would confiscate the money if he gives it to his son directly, Walt orders Gretchen and Elliot to give his remaining $9.72 million to his son once he turns 18. Fearing that snipers will shoot them, the Schwartzes reluctantly agree to fulfill Walter's request.

After finding out that Jack and his gang are still distributing his trademark blue meth, Walter realizes that Jesse is alive. He spends his 52nd birthday purchasing an M60 machine gun and retrieves the ricin that was hidden at his old house. He then goes to the coffee shop to find Lydia and Todd deep in conversation. Walter interrupts and lets them know he has created a new formula for making meth. Todd says he is not interested, but Lydia fakes her interest in order to lure Walter into getting killed by Jack and his gang.

Following his visit with Todd and Lydia, Walter goes to see his wife, Skyler. He gives her the lottery ticket with coordinates to Hank and his partner's gravesite. Walter tells Skyler to use the information to get a plea deal with prosecutors. He admits to his wife that he chose to make meth because he enjoyed it and that it made him feel alive.

Walter meets Jack and his men at their hideout where Jesse is held captive and forced to make meth. When Walter proposes his new formula, Jack rejects his offer and orders his gang to kill Walt. Before the men can kill him, Walter bruises Jack's ego by insulting him for partnering up with Jesse. Jack orders his men to bring Jesse into show Walt that he has not partnered with him, and that instead Jesse is working as a slave. When Jesse comes in, Walt tackles him to the floor and sets off the M60 machine gun with his car remote. The gunfire kills all of Jack's men except Todd and Jack. Even though he is handcuffed, Jesse manages to strangle Todd and break his neck. Walter takes Jack's gun and kills the gang leader. Then he offers the gun to Jesse and asks him to shoot him. Seeing that a stray bullet had hit Walt already, Jesse refuses to do his dirty work for him and leaves the house.

Todd's phone rings at that moment and Walt answers to find a noticeably ill, Lydia on the other side. He tells her that he had laced her stevia at the coffee shop with ricin and she will soon die. Walt then nods goodbye to Jesse as the young man drives off in Todd's El Camino. Walter then walks over to Todd's meth lab to admire the equipment during his last moments of life. He collapses on the floor just as police arrive on scene. As the policemen storms the lab, the camera pans over Walter who is lying dead on the floor with a smile on his face.

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