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How many Books did Dr. Seuss write? - TVStoreOnline

How many Books did Dr. Seuss write? | TV Store Online

Believe it or not, all of the books written by Dr. Seuss were not children’s books. Yes, those are what he is known for but they were not the entire scope of his life’s work. In fact, his very first children’s book was: And to Think I saw it on Mulberry Street. That book was even rejected by somewhere between 20 and 43 publishers by Geisel’s own accounting.

According to him, it was a chance meeting with one of his college buddies that led to it finally being published by Vanguard Press. That was in 1937.

Between that time and the start of WWII, Geisel wrote four more books. Three of them were not written in his characteristic funny poetry with nonsense words. He returned to that characteristic style of writing with Horton Hatches the Egg which was published in 1940.

Throughout his life, Theodor Geisel wrote 46 children’s books. These books were full of zany and imaginative characters, rhyming nonsense words and frequently used the anapestic meter.

Many of those books have been turned into cartoons, movies, plays and even Broadway musicals.How the Grinch Stole Christmas is noted for being the best Christmas story with a villain since Mr. Scrooge.

Many of us grew up reading Dr. Seuss books or having them read to us. Hopefully many of us will pass this tradition to our children. Dr. Seuss books are reminiscent of better days. Make memories with your children by sharing these books with them.

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