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How many Books did Dr. Seuss write? | TV Store Online

If Dr. Seuss (aka Theodor Geisel) were still alive today he would have just turned 110. However, as sad and unfortunate that it is, he died in 1991.

Theodor Geisel was a special man. He loved his work and his art and he personally illustrated each of his books that were publishes before his demise. He loved to get children interested in reading.

Now most people stop working when they die, right?

Dr. Seuss kept right on working even after his death and cremation. There were between 5 and 10 of his books that were published after his death under the Dr. Seuss nom de plume simply because that was his most famous pen name.

Dr. Seuss inspired generations of children. There were three generations at least that he reached while he was alive. Now that he is gone, those generations are using his books to inspire yet another one and this will continue on in perpetuity.

In that sense, Dr. Seuss will never die.

This special man brought so much joy to children yet never had any of his own. Now there are libraries named after him and he even has a star of the Walk of Fame. Movies and plays have been adapted from his books and there have even been Broadway musicals from his stories.

He even won an Academy Award for a documentary he wrote during WWII. How many children’s book authors can say that?

Imagination never had a better ally than with Dr. Seuss.

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