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One of the most successful movies ever is definitelyBack to the Future’, written in 1985 by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, who was also the director. The starring roles were given to Michael J. Fox, Thomas F. Wilson, Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson, and Christopher Lloyd. This movie is a story about a teenager who was sent back to the past to the year 1955, and suddenly, he met his parents and fell in love with his mother. But, he realized that he must repair the history and make his parents fall in love. Of course, he would do all this with a help of a scientist, and then he would return back to 1985. An exciting story, isn’t it?

Modern time travel movies appear to be more sophisticated than they were some 30 years ago. Once Back to the Future achieved its success, Hollywood has got overwhelmed with time travel movies. Some of these movies, such as The Terminator, have seen several successful sequels. Because of all these movies, it appears that the audience has got used to a bit different story lines. This opens up lots of possibilities for a fantastic story to be developed for Back to the Future.

According to Hollywood’s big preparation for the remake of Back to the Future, we can expect the new version soon. But, the director, Zemeckis, doesn’t think the same. He refuses to give the authority to reboot the first version of the movie although millions of fans are waiting for its return. Despite this, the Universal Pictures has already started with the project of remaking Back to the Future.

Who are the main actors?

The remake can’t have the same actors because the starring Michael J. Fox suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, the first version released in 1985 went on the 11th place on the box office charts, so the Hollywood productions are still pushing the idea of its reboot.

The actual proposal for the remake of Back to the Future by Universal Pictures West and Robert Zemeckis for 2016 would look like this. The writers would be Josh Trank, David S. Goyer, and Zemeckis, who would also be a director and co-producer. The producer would be Avi Arad (Iron Man). And, the most important thing, the main actors will be Aaron Paul as Marty McFly, John Malkovich as Emmet Brown, Jimmy Tatro as Biff Tannen, Sam Rockwell as George McFly, and Betsy Brandt as Lorraine McFly. The other actors on the list are Jonathan Banks and Christa B. Allen. The budget for the film, according to Zemeckis, would be about $180 million. There is some news that the shooting should end in the fall of 2016.

And the special effects?

When we think about special effects, the idea of having a remake of Back to the Future sounds really cool, especially if we take into account everything that the special effect technology can do. This will maybe give the remake a deeper storyline, maybe with some Matrix-like special effects. Also, since the car from Back to the Future was smashed to bits, there would have to be a new one.

Some movie experts agree with this believing that the movie could be rebooted perfectly, as every character can be brought back to life with the use of certain special effects and computer graphics. Also, they think that the special effects in the remade version should support those from 1985, which were made by Industrial Light and Magic.

As you can see, the remake of Back to the Future is a huge challenge for Hollywood production houses. But, it’s possible to happen, especially when there are a good crew and budget to make it real! So, would you like to watch the remake of this movie, with some little changes, but with the best special effects ever?

Well, hopefully, Back to the Future can be the nearest future of the movie world.

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