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Warner Brothers announced this morning that Gal Gadot will not be continuing on in the role of Wonder Woman within the DC Universe. With the recent critical backlash that Batman vs. Superman has received at the box office, Gadot herself has said, "I was getting a ton of backlash because I wasn't showing enough cleavage. 

Kim Kardashian as Wonderwoman

In the comics, Wonder Woman definitely shows a lot of it, but I just didn't think that was needed as part of the character today considering the cultural climate that we're all apart of currently." Rumors have been flying around the internet that reality television star Kim Kardashian will be taking over for Gadot in the role immediately. 

Those in charge at Warner Bros. and DC Universe, while happy with Gadot's performance as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman, have decided on Kardashian for the role simply because they understand just how excited fans of Wonder Woman are, and don't want continued backlash in the wake of the recent critical fallout of the release of Batman Vs. Superman.

This raises an important question for the future of super hero movies made in Hollywood. Does the size of an actress' breasts actually dictate whether or not she deserves the role? Fans online are complaining that Gadot's breasts aren't large enough for the role, as in the comic books Wonder Woman's breasts are freakin' huge. Gadot, recently, was taken to task on the Conan O'Brien show about his chest size. Even she admitted that her breasts were not up to par, considering the comic book image. So, where does this leave us? With Kim Kardashian replacing Gal Gadot in the role of Wonder Woman in all future Warner Brothers superhero projects, does this mean that other actresses will be replaced as well? Is this fair?

Does portraying a realism on the big screen even make sense considering that in comic books, there are completely anatomical impossibilities from the outset?


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