Learning The Dating Game By Watching Television

There are definitely a few tips we could all learn about dating from our favorite TV characters. From heightened sexual tension that never culminates until Season 6 and so on to finding true love from a one night stand, here are some tips on dating from the best in television.

Be Open-Minded

Sometimes the best relationships can be found with the most unlikely of people. Take Penny and Leonard Hofstadter from TheBig Bang Theory or Cece and Schmidt from New Girl. Maybe your "type" isn't the best match for you after all. Have an open mind and date people that’re different from the type of person you always go for. You may be surprised and find what you were looking for all along.

Get to Know Your Deal Breakers

Are they a low-talker or a close-talker? We all know what type of partner we aspire to have, according to Seinfeld, but those relationships don't always necessarily work out the way we want them to. Why? Nobody’s perfect. Everyone's quirks begin to shine through sooner or later. Know what qualities makes a person sponge-worthy to you.

Have Confidence

Whether you're a more of a Don Draper or Andy Dwyer type, confidence is the key to success. Own who you are and what you’ve to offer as a partner because that’s a big turn on and can turn any first date into a second one.

Try, Try, and Try Again
In the end, all of us might as well be Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother, with a blue French horn in front of Robin Scherbatsky's door. Playing the dating game means always being up for new experiences and meeting new people. Some dates go well and some don't. Patience and the belief that you’re deserving of love is key. Sometimes you've already met the one you're truly meant to be with and the timing just wasn't right.

If there's anything that TV shows have taught us, it's that we're all deserving of love. Whether your love life is on again / off again relationship like Rachel and Ross from Friends, or in a perpetual state of single-hood like Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, the journey to finding love alongside family and friends is one of the best journeys that life has to offer. Enjoy it and hold on tight for the ride.

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