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Who is Eric Cartman? Well we all know that he is a chubby (or as he calls it, “supple”) eight-year-old boy from South Park, Colorado who’s mainstay is remaining in the upper echelon of “coolness” amongst a boisterous crowd of kids who secretly abhor him. He’s an outspoken racist, bigot, cheater, liar, and what-have-you, and he’s jealous, greedy, selfless and, well, pretty freaking funny to laugh at, too. Easily, if there were three characters who have etched themselves into the South Park Hall of Fame, top considerations would have to go to: Eric Cartman, Randy Marsh and Butters; of which some of the most notable, notorious and memorable of all episodes have centered upon.

Still, Eric tops the cake.

Appetence for Evil;

When he is not trying to kill off the entire Jewish population, annihilate the Gingers, give Kyle AIDS, free a convicted baby killer, frame the teachers (and Kyle) or make hamburgers that are flavored by his butt cheeks, Cartman is embattled with a personality disorder that’s obfuscated with his stuffed animals. After all, he is the guy that sees the Devil and even Adolph Hitler when he closes his eyes.

But Cartman needs to be inherently evil. He is the Stewie of South Park. Rather, South Park arrived prior to Family Guy, so that association is more likely the latter; Stewie is the Griffin’s Cartman. It’s these evil deeds that Cartman strives to commit, and usually bitterly fails at – with exception of course to Scott Tennerman (Episode: “Scott Tennerman Must Die” – the most notorious episode of all time), that have paved the most famous of all South Park lines.

When Eric does fail, or becomes overly frustrated at a situation that he lacks complete totalitarian control over (or “authoritan”), there is an infamous and trademark line that we have all grown to love: “Screw You Guys … I’m Going Home!”

Top Ten Eric Cartman Moments;

Now for your total enjoyment – and our mutual biding love for the sinister jerk that Eric Cartman truly is – here are the top ten Eric Cartman moments. They are presented in just vocal format. But if you take a gander at this Youtube video (below), you should take note that it’s received over 1 million hits to-date. That’s a lot of other people who are laughing their derrières off about Cartman’s funniest escapades on one of the most popular animated TV series of all time. If you are as much of an avid South Park neophyte as we are, you need only hear the audio to connect it to a signature episode of South Park.

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