New Big Lebowski Blu-ray in hitting shelves in August-tvso

If you're into blu-ray, I'm sure you've been looking forward to some of the biggest titles coming to the high definition format. However, if you're a Lebowski fan, there's only one movie you want to see on blu-ray. Well, the moment fans have been waiting for is finally about to arrive. The Big Lebowski is coming to Blu-ray on August 16th, 2011. This movie is undoubtedly one of the most treasured titles from the Coen brothers' library, as well as one of the best cult films of the 90's. Entire documentaries have been shot devoted to the fans of this one enigmatic film. If you're a fan and you have access to high definition technology, this one is a no brainer. That being said, I'm sure there are still some fans out there that are planning to wait to pick this one up. Trust me, you don't want to wait on this one, because it is actually a Limited Edition Digibook. Special Features:

  • Scene Companion: A picture in picture mode with cast and crew interviews and behind the scenes footage
  • Mark It Dude: Counts the number of all the "F-Bombs", "Dudes" and "Dude-isms" in the movie.
  • The Music of The Big Lebowski: Identifies the music heard in the film
  • Worthy Adversaries- What's My Line Trivia: Lebowski knowledge trivia
  • pocket BLU
  • Mobile-To-Go

So like I said, if you're a fan of the film and you want to get your hands on the best quality print available, you'll probably want to head out and pick up this blu-ray soon after it is released. I'm sure the Dude wouldn't mind if you waited, but I don't think you'd want to see Walter's response to that idea. Let's just say you might be entering a world of pain. This isn't the first high definition transfer of the film to reach the market, but the last one was widely panned by most critics. Apparently, the HD-DVD release had a lot of image quality issues, but there's no word yet on how good this blu-ray transfer will look. Let's hope for the best and get our pocketbooks ready for this one.

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