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If you like the comfort of T-shirts but want to pick designs that reflect your personality, movie shirts are a great solution. With so many popular  movies, there are shirts for every genre. You can find horror-themed shirts from 1980s classics or shirts from animated films. However, one of the most popular movie shirt categories today is comics. With the entire world in a comic craze after the multiple remake releases over the last several years, comic T-shirt sales are at an all-time high.

Comic movie shirts are great for lounging, wearing to a gathering with friends or wearing to work on casual Fridays. Your friends and coworkers are sure to appreciate your good taste. Since they are so popular, these T-shirts also make great gifts. Here are some of the top movie themes for shirts today.

Power Rangers

If your friends and coworkers know that you like red, green, blue, pink or another Power Ranger color a lot, a  Power Ranger shirt is a good way to get some laughs. Perhaps you are the teen or college student intern who gets the brunt of the grunt work. Since the Power Ranger teens were saving their town, this is a good theme to show that you have a sense of humor but also know that your contributions are important. Additionally, these shirts make thoughtful gifts for your friends who remind you of certain characters in the movie.


People will know that there is more than meets the eye with you when they see your cool  Transformers shirt. There are plenty of great graphic choices whether you side with the Autobots or Decepticons. Your friends or coworkers will enjoy the shirt, and it will bring more life than the AllSpark to your office or gathering.


Kids, teens, young adults and older adults love the iconic Batman logo regardless of which actor they think played the role best. You can show your appreciation for the legendary comic hero and his amazing tales with a graphic shirt. Batman is known for preventing chaos. If you are the person who prevents chaos in your workplace or among your circle of friends, this is  the perfect movie-themed shirt for you.


Even if you cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound, you can be aware of your own strength with a  Superman shirt. Although the Superman logo has changed several times throughout comic and movie history, everyone recognizes it as a symbol of greatness. If you are the type of person who saves the day every day and in a major way at work, a Superman shirt is perfect for you. It is also a great movie-themed shirt choice whether you are the friend who always helps others out or are the super-human parent at home who does everything and more. Superman is also a good theme if you are a person of leisure who sleeps in until noon. Someone has to be tough enough to hold that bed down.


This lovable superhero is a good reminder that what seems impossible is possible. Deadpool faced terminal cancer with the initial thought that it would be the end. However, a special cure healed him and gave him power beyond his wildest dreams.  Deadpool shirts are great for reminding yourself that there is always hope whether it is just to get through a tough day at home or work or while fighting an illness.


The multiple movies of the late 2000s depicting the popular Marvel Comics character inspired comic fans across the globe. As a fierce protector and formidable foe, Wolverine is a great theme choice for a movie shirt. If your friends or coworkers consider you a determined fighter, Wolverine is your character match. Since the movie has another 2017 installment, your shirt is sure to be a hit at any social gathering or in your workplace. If you need a gift idea for a comic fan who loved the X-Men movies, a  Wolverine shirt is an excellent choice.

Wonder Woman

If you are the mom who can clean the house, care for a demanding toddler, cook dinner and navigate piles of laundry simultaneously while still looking fabulous, you have more than earned a Wonder Woman shirt. Perhaps you are the glue that keeps your workplace from falling apart or are the strong friend who helps solve everyone's problems. Every woman is a wonder in her own way. A  Wonder Woman shirt shows off your superpowers and shows your love for a great set of movies as well as a legendary comic character.

Captain America

You do not have to be tasked with stopping a world domination attempt to identify with  Captain America. The famous first Avenger started out as a sickly man but gained superpowers. Perhaps you are known for helping people avoid problems or giving them a hand out when they are in over their heads. Since Captain America is one of the most well-known Avenger characters, a shirt with the movie theme makes a great gift for an Avengers fan but especially for yourself.

Incredible Hulk

If you are the tough boss, the coworker who is known for handling stress poorly or the person who over-dramatizes problems, this theme is a great way to own it and show your sense of humor about it. A  movie-themed shirt with this lovable but destructive character makes a good gift for a comic fan or a friend who goes to the utmost extremes to solve problems.

Iron Man

Your  Iron Man shirt is sure to turn heads or get some laughs at work. If it is lunch time, your shirt may also make anyone who has seen the movie hungry for a shawarma. Iron Man is known for his exoskeleton that wards off the most formidable types of attacks. If you can handle anything that is thrown at you like a superhero at home or at work, this is just the shirt for you. It also makes a great and thoughtful gift for someone who fits that description.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern shirt theme is a fun choice whether you are a devoted fan of his character or are considered a mediator among your friends and coworkers. Since the character gains superpowers from will power, one of these shirts makes a good gift for someone you know with admirable willpower.

There are plenty of other cool movie shirts whether you like comedy, comics or classics. You may enjoy a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt if you were a fan of the comic book, the popular Nickelodeon animation from the 1980s or the most recent movie. A theme that is a winner for work, any party or a gift is Star Wars. The trilogy is an excellent choice if you are a science fiction fan or if you enjoyed either the new or old version. Browse the wide selection of products to star building your own personalized collection of awesome movie shirts.

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