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Ricky and Morty is a show that began in 2013, and since then has been a cult following on the Adult Swim network. Since its debut, the fans of the show are not only eager for new episodes every week but are also eager for the merchandise that official and fans are creating. From famous Rick Sanchez quotes to the show's fantastic characters, Rick and Morty has something for every single fan in existence. Appealing to fans of science, animation, crude humor similar to South Park and Family Guy, it's no surprise that the show has overgrown. Not only this, but many fans can relate to at least one character in the series. Whether you see yourself as a Morty, a Summer, a Beth or even a Jerry, it is rather easy to project feeling onto these characters. In addition to this, Rick and Morty is very popular with the scientific community for its many references to alien life and advanced technology. Many also enjoy the television show because for the fact with it being loosely based on science while also being animated for a loose style of realism; anything is possible in Dimension C-137.

Fashion and apparel is a large part of any fandom. Therefore it is no surprise that  Rick and Morty fans have a stock of clothing so that every fan will feel unique. Having at least one t-shirt design for every episode that airs on television, along with this having multiple designs that are based on other beloved fandoms such as Star Wars, Back to the Future, and even coping famous artworks.

T-shirts and tank tops aren't all the fandom have to offer. Items such as stickers, pins, board games, posters and more are available to purchase from countless websites and stores. It is clear that these are not just a 'cash in' for fans to make money off of a show; it seems that this is a fan base that cares about the quality that other fans will be receiving when they purchase the items. Merchandise for this show is more than just a quick way to make money, whether it is done by a factory or by a fan, it has created almost an economy of its very own. The growing popularity is feeding this machine which in then fuels the show to create better content; this also is fueling the fire for the fans that admire the content to produce a larger quantity and quality of merchandise. This cycle is what created Rick and Morty. This popularity is not just strictly feeding the fan content as multi-million dollar corporations also understand that where the fans are, that's where the money is. This leads to merchandise such as Funko figurines, which are the most mainstream items of pop culture as of late. Once your series is in this line of products, every single fan will do what it takes to complete the set.

The fact that  Rick and Morty is across dozens of websites and stores for merchandise proves that only is the show outstandingly popular, but its popularity is still growing. With characters performing cameos across other animated shows such as The Simpsons and even references to live-action television such as Community. Rick and Morty has been able to do something that has yet to be accomplished in over twenty years: outshine the animated icons. Some do not like to admit that animation that has been airing for the past two decades has declined in storytelling ability. Where as creators of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, are crafting an incredibly complex multiverse.

Whether it's merely hanging a poster of Mr. Meeseeks or having every single ridiculous joke made in the show, Rick and Morty has merchandise for everyone. While proudly wearing a pin of your favorite Morty or holding a plush version of everyone's favorite drunk scientist, no fan will say wubba lubba dub dub to not having their favorite pieces of Rick and Morty merchandise.

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