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Matt Warburton, expert writer and producer of the ever-running animated series The Simpsons has penned and sold a script involving annoying parents. Obviously, with some experience on the subject, (See Homer, Marge Simpson) Warburton hopes to bring to life the world of a young man who moved to Hollywood, only to be followed by his parents.

The main character of Warburton’s new show will be just on the verge of being cool for the first time in his life, seemingly just simply by moving to Hollywood, before his Midwestern parents decide to rain on his parade and move in down the street. I assume the character will have some kind of back story involving overprotective parents, troubles being popular in high school, and no sex in the champagne room. Personally, I think the premise will be funny, but I’m a little curious about how they will make this show last more than a few episodes. It’s a great concept, but how many times are we going to see the parents “cramping his style”. Is every episode going to be about that? Judging by the current description, that’s what it sounds like. It’s still too early to make any real guesses on what this series will be like, but so far it sounds like a pilot that I will watch, and then a series I will forget.

Not surprisingly, Peter Churnin is one of the main producers, who is also responsible for bringing along the new show “New Girl”, starring Zoey Deschenel. This is another one of those one joke shows that will be interesting to see how long it lasts on the original premise. New Girl is about a girl who has to go live with a bunch of dudes after a bad break up. There is a lot of potential here for sure, but how far can that go? In other words, how many times are the new roommates going to clash, and how long will we believe she has to live with these guys? These are the types of shows that could really be awesome and hilarious, or they could tank quickly. It’s surprising they’re even getting on air because of the potential risk. These days it’s odd to see anything on TV that seems original, so I applaud these people for at least putting up some scripted programs that sound original, despite their seemingly one-track, one joke concept. These are the kinds of concepts that make rom-com movies usually, not entire TV series. Either way, I hope they do well so we can have some fresh comedies to look forward to each season.

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