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Before this past week or so, if you wanted to relive the Napoleon Dynamite adventure, you had to rent the movie, catch it during a daytime airing on basic cable or order it on your Netflix-enabled device (unless you happened to already own a copy of the feature film).

But not anymore, as Fox has brought back the delicious dosage of the gasconaded indie-popcorn comedy in a rivetingly hilarious animated edition that truly delivers bowlfuls of laughs for the whole family with their Animated Napoleon Dynamite series that deals out a one-two punch to the funny side of your brain—and that will leave you laughing in remise after watching the outstandingly awesome Pilot Episode, “Thundercone.”

Unlike the movie, the animated series actually picks up the pace for delivering funny shakes on the laughter bus a lot more quickly than its silver screen predecessor. Considering that the one-liners from the movie are still very popular about eight years after the fact – and also taking into account that Fox is trying to continue its domination of Sunday evenings with a prime time four hour slot etched in for comedic animated parodies – it’s safe to say that this animated series will more than likely span multiple seasons.

Not without good reason, of course. In the first episode – one of two that aired during the same primetime slot on Sunday, January 15th on Fox – Napoleon realizes that his new acne cream makes him undefeatable in fights because it causes him to become manically crazy and enraged. After his brother, Kip, starts dating a new sweetheart, Napoleon steals her heart away using his newly founded courage and knack for beating people up.

The same infamous and classic one-liners like “Gosh!” and “Geez!” are back, this time augmented by a slapstick routine that dispenses laugh after laugh from the funny farm. Towards the end of the premiere episode, Napoleon and Kip battle it out in the Thundercone, a funny version of the Thunderdome, only a featured in a barn mill that hosts redneck Fightclub-like brawls for the locals.

With good old Napoleon Dynamite back and this time in animated series on Fox, it’s time to get your groove going again with our massive selection of hard-to-find Napoleon Dynamite T-shirts.

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