The Five Best Will Ferrell Characters from SNL-tvso

Will Ferrell may just be one of the most popular and funniest guys to become a Saturday Night Live alumni. He played so many characters and he always played them so well. Here are just a few of those characters that you probable remember from his SNL days.

1. Dog Show Guy

“Dog Show” was one of the funniest skits on Saturday Night Live and it featured Will Ferrell as a cheesy dog loving guy and his dog, Rocky Balboa. Ferrell would always open the skit by a few taps on his drum and then, along with his female counterpart during the skit, would yell “Dog show!” It isn’t often when Will Ferrell is upstaged during a skit, but there were a few times that the dogs that appeared on the show would steal the scene from him.

2. Roger Klarvin – Hot Tub Guy

You probably don’t recognize the name Roger Klarvin, but you probably remember Will Ferrell’s “hot tub guy” character. The character is a bearded professor who likes to be overly affectionate with his wife (played by the hilarious Rachel Dratch) in public places. He especially enjoys being amorous in the hot tub of the hotel when other guests are around. Klarvin and his wife don’t mind sharing graphic details of exploits they have had together with other guests of the hotel either. It makes for an uncomfortable experience but a hilarious skit nonetheless.

3. Craig Buchanan –Spartan cheerleader

Did you know that the male cheerleader’s name that Ferrell played was Craig Buchanan? This was one of Ferrell’s first popular roles on SNL and it continues to be a part of our fondness for the tall curly-haired comedic actor. He and Cheri Oteri have great chemistry as they cheer on the sidelines for the East Lake High School sporting events. Every skit involving the Spartan cheerleaders would conclude with “the perfect cheer,” which would often happen because their team wasn’t doing so well in the game.

4. George Bush

What list of Will Ferrell characters would be complete without mentioning his spot-on portrayal of former president George W. Bush. Ferrell had his facial features down and his mannerisms so well that it, like Tina Fey and Sarah Palin, was often hard to tell him apart from the real person.

5. Harry Carey

The late announcer for the Chicago Cubs was certainly an eccentric gentleman with mannerisms and a voice that was unmistakable. Just looking at Ferrell portraying Harry Carey could produce a guffaw because of his disheveled appearance and clueless look on his face. The huge black-rimmed glasses helped make the character portrayal complete, too.

It’s difficult to narrow down a list of the best Will Ferrell characters to just five, considering "More Cowbell" and other amazing skits. Every episode of SNL that he was a part of generated laughs because he wasn’t afraid to do anything to get a chuckle, a laugh or a deep belly guffaw. The late-night sketch comedy show just isn’t the same without him as part of the cast.

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