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The Growing Popularity of Hunting Reality Shows - TVStoreOnline

The Growing Popularity of Hunting Reality Shows | TV Store Online

Reality Television is the latest trend across all major and minor networks these days. Anything and everything that can be put together and be tagged a reality show is running on one network or the other. They range in diversity from children of wealthy parents displaying their affluent lifestyles, to various heterosexual relationships being revealed, various drama filled housewives shows, to redneck families showing us how best to live to little persons diverse lifestyles, different businesses like pawn stores, hair places, tattoo places are also given airtime on how their businesses are handled.

It’s no wonder that various hunting escapades have joined the growing list of the reality industry that is fast becoming huge and almost upstaging the imaginary make believe world of entertainment we were used to. There are a number of hunting reality shows on TV with different perspectives on the world of hunting.

Chief among them is the 'Triple Mag' on Discovery channel that features an all-female hunters living and hunting in and around Pennsylvania. These females are members of the same family. They are a mother and two daughters whose grandmother was a hunter too and had passed this career onto them. The camera follows their every action packed, entertaining, and educative hunting adventures and these ladies have been able to show how highly experienced they are. They have successfully proven that they can be just as good as their male counterparts if not better when it comes to hunting game of all sorts.

Another show is 'Chasing Tail' on the History Channel that features Mike Andronaco and his gang hunting through Fairfield County's affluent suburbs. This reality show is actually a solution oriented kind of hunting. Its focus is on helping this suburb which is one of the wealthiest in the nation to deal with the explosion of the deer population. The camera follows the gang as they go knocking on wealthy homeowners doors seeking their permission to assist in getting rid of the deer on their properties partly due to the fact that these deer are known to cause a lot of auto accidents and they are suspect carriers of ticks and Lyme disease. These hunters try to help keep the deer population at bay by hunting them according to the states regulations and they make sure they don't shoot when people are around. They donate the chunk of the deer meat to food pantries and the seniors.

There are various other shows that teaches on hunting, fishing, duck hunting (Duck Dynasty) and so on and so forth. They all try to show that hunting is an experience that is full of sights and sounds. Again, just about anything can be on television these days and be tagged reality and it’ll still pull in a lot of viewership and following.

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