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TV theme songs are sometimes the most important parts of every show. The theme is kind of pervasive because it finds its way into the music that’s in the show, and that’s going to make the show more interesting. You’re going to feel so ready to watch it, and then you’re going to keep hearing the music once it on. With that said, these are the 10 best themes, and some of them are going to hit you harder than others.

TV Theme Song #10: Saved By The Bell
Saved By The Bell's theme song is a sign of the times. You are a 90s kid if you remember this theme, and it never changed. The kids started out in middle school, but they ended up finishing off in college with a slightly altered song. Still, the song is the perfect one for the times, and the it’s going to remind you what it was like when you were in school, or just waking up and getting there on time.

TV Theme Song #9: The A-Team
The A-Team theme is iconic, and it has been copied so many times. Anyone who wants to make a reference to the A-Team is going to copy the theme, and you’re going to recognize it after two notes. It’s that cool, and it makes you want to watch them build out a car to complete their next mission while BA complains about flying and threatens to choke out Murdock.

TV Theme Song #8: The Flintstones
The Flintstones are a modern Stone Age family, and they’re in the town of Bedrock. It’s a theme that anyone will remember, and it’s still a cartoon that’s popular today. There are a lot of kids who’re watching this show because their parents introduced them to it, and you as well will remember it exactly word for word as soon as it starts playing.

TV Theme Song #7: The Brady Bunch
This is the story of a lovely lady and her new husband. It was a show that was iconic for the times, and people are still referencing it to this day. The music turns up in all their movies and specials, and the song is one that anyone will learn when they listen to it with friends. We keeping talking about Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, but the theme song is still the most important part of this show.

TV Theme Song #6: Family Guy
There is no other show where the family dog is a struggling writer, and it points right back to the theme. You are totally ready for this show when you hear the theme, and you are going to get into it so much that you might actually have to rewind it to listen to it again because you were not enjoying it enough the first time.

TV Theme Song #5: The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory theme song is a great song that’s going to be the favored song of little kids who got to sit up and watch it with their parents, or it’s going to be the theme song of the couples that grew up watching this show together because they got married. They wanted to be like Penny and Leonard, and now they might be. This song will always be their favorite because it talks about how we got through world history in 30 seconds.

TV Theme Song #4: The SimpsonsThe Simpsons theme song has been covered by everyone on the planet. A drum corps does the Simpsons theme song for fun, or you can hear it at your kid's band concert. It’s everywhere, and everyone knows it. The Simpsons are a firm part of our culture, and their theme song just reminds you of the time you started watching their show.

TV Theme Song #3: SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants has a theme that everyone knows. Parents are going to learn it when they watch the show with their kids, and it’s going to be one of the first songs that kids learn while they are watching the show. It’s still going strong, and it still has all the nautical nonsense you wish. You get to sing it with your kids, and you get to laugh because it is preparing you for what’s still a perfect cartoon.

TV Show Theme Song #2: Cheers
Some people will say that Cheers has the best theme song because it welcomes you to the bar. It tells you that everyone knows your name, and it reminds you that you’re valued when you go into the bar. This is a big deal for bar patrons, and it reminds that home is not always a house.

TV Show Theme Song #1: The Office
The theme song to the Office is a reminder that this show is unlike any other. you can feel yourself peering into their office when the song plays, but you are more than ready to see all of them get on each other's nerves. It is that much fun to listen to. Though it’s just a melody, it’s become so catchy and fits in so well with the theme of the show, it’s no wonder it’s #1 on our list.

You'll enjoy all ten of these songs, even if you don’t watch all of them. In fact, the song might be the reason that you start watching. So go listen to them all today!

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