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The luck of the Irish is around us. It's that time again to wear your green and raise a glass to the lads and lasses of the Irish land. However, while some of you will be hitting the bars, there are some of you who might like to celebrate the Irish day the Irish way from the comforts of your own home. So, kick back and relax as we share with you our quick Top 3 TV shows we think you should watch on St. Patty's Day!

St. Patty’s Day TV Show to Watch #3: Cheers

Like the theme song says, where everybody knows your name, you’ll have tons of laughs at this bar as everyone screams Norm as Norm walks in. They know how to treat their patrons with the old Irish manor and there's always plenty of beer to go around. That's the biggest thing you would expect of any pub at any time of year, but especially on St. Patty's Day. We feel you can't go wrong with this show.

St. Patty’s Day TV Show to Watch #2: Sons of Anarchy

You can always relax while watching Sons of Anarchy. Now, maybe laughter isn't your thing. If you’re a true Irishman, you’ll be ready to put up your dukes and lose your cool every now and then. You’ll get tons of that when you watch Sons of Anarchy, too. These guys like to stick to their crew and you better not mess with any of them or they will mess with you. So get ready to watch some bad-ass skills this St. Patrick's Day when you watch this show. Beware though, once you start watching it, it’ll be hard to turn it off. It’s gonna be a marathon, and you really won't want to watch it any other way....well, maybe with some green beer and some Irish food.

St. Patty’s Day TV Show to Watch #1: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The last show we’d suggest you watch on the tube if you’re looking for a good St. Patrick's Day show would be Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We know what you're thinking. What does Philly have to do with the Irish? It has plenty to do with the Irish. Just like the Irish, these characters had to go through plenty to get their day of fame. Together they run a pub which come on, this just screams Irish. Together they serve patrons who view this bar as family much like the Irish are known to do.And don’t forgot the comedy mischief these characters get into as well. Seriously, what can be more Irish than this show?

It's time to spend some time with the lads and lasses you love most on television. Wear your green and talk like the Irish as you watch these Irish favorites. They will have you on the edge of your seat and leave you feeling like the luck was with you this Saint Patrick's Day!

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