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For lovers of the sensational animated and over the top comedy on Fox, Family Guy, there’s always a good reason to watch the show when it airs: it’s funny, and you know that you will laugh on numerous occasions. The coarsely written and shock value humor is what actually saw the show canceled after its third season on Fox. Then, when the DVDs sold out of the roof to die-hard fans, and when Adult Swim on Cartoon Network started airing reruns that got massive ratings, Fox suddenly brought the show back (what a shocker). Of course, the show has been kept on the air since, and is now in the thick of its 11th season on Fox. As if you really needed any more reasons to watch this show—here are eight more of them.

  1. Shock value humor: Family Guy has always been over the top; that’s half the fun of watching it. And you never know what they are going to do next and how. The shock value humor keeps many of us coming back for another helping week in and week out.
  2. Peter’s antics: Certainly, Peter Griffin is a brazen, poorly educated, moronic alcoholic that barely holds onto a meaningful existence in a clearly broken home. Yet his antics are what makes up half the show. It’s okay to want to tune in to watch Peter fail time and time again; and yet somehow it never gets old.
  3. Quagmire: Everybody thought he would be getting his own show when Fox announced a new spinoff. But ultimately it was Cleveland that left Quahog and departed for his show. Quagmire and his sexist banter will never get old. The sex-a-holic is just plain hilarious to watch.
  4. Stewie: What will Stewie do next and to whom and how? He’s aspired from world domination to playground dictator to time traveler and universe and dimension controller. You never really know if it will be a Stewie episode, and whenever it is, Family Guy certainly pleases with a uniquely woven plot.
  5. Brian: The epitome of a want-to-be intellectual with a super emphasis on “tool” will forever be a mainstay of the show. Perhaps it’s that we just like seeing him get letdown. Maybe it’s because he has such good onscreen chemistry with Stewie. Either way, Brian is fun to watch. And his canine instincts mixed with human emotions make him priceless.
  6. Meg: You can’t leave out Meg, either. She’s the punching bag of the entire cast. In nearly every episode they take swings at her. Even in episodes where she barely has screen time, they are sure to embarrass her by the end of the show… and it’s uproarious to watch.
  7. Flashbacks: The flashbacks are a mainstay and staple of the show. You never know what odd things they will contrive. It’s the flashbacks that make half of the show in all reality.
  8. Popular culture references: One of the things that makes this show relative to the present day (and to the past) is the heaping amounts of popular culture references that are consistently made. If something big happened on the news to a celebrity or a brand, etc… you can bet at some point in the near future it will be parodied on Family Guy.

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