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Top Five Trending Movie T-Shirts – Trendy Movie Apparel

Movie Shirts: Bring Geeky Back

This was a tricky topic to write about for me. After all, how does someone really gauge it? I know the t-shirts I usually see, but I highly doubt my friends are the gold standard when it comes to fashion and what’s cool. The other way I figured to go about it was by simply googling what the most popular movie t-shirts were. Surprisingly, it turned out my friends and I really did sort of go by what was popular for the most part. Why is that? The answer is simple: I am a nerd, my friends are nerds, and nerdy things are in now. We are living in a Golden Age for nerds where a movie about obscure B-list superheroes (Guardians of the Galaxy) becomes one of the highest grossing movies of all time, and where the most popular sitcom on TV is a show about a group of nerdy guys who read comic books, watch sci-fi, and do cosplay (The Big Bang Theory). All of that being said, it’s not surprising that the top selling movie t-shirts are superhero/sci-fi ones. The ones I uncovered that seemed to be the most popular were Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesBatmanCaptain AmericaSuperman, and Star Wars.

Superhero movie shirts

You may be asking why that is. Truthfully, I think that that part of our culture, the part that embraces these larger than life characters, has truly elevated them to being icons. There is nobody in the world who doesn’t know what Superman’s symbol looks like or what the bat across someone’s chest signifies. It was only this summer that I met someone who didn’t recognize Captain America’s shield, which was proudly displayed across someone’s t-shirt, and in that moment I was actually kind of embarrassed for her. It’s Captain America. The First Avenger, The Avengers, and The Winter Soldier, all feature Captain America, and you can’t help put visit TVSTOREONLINE, without seeing a dozen pictures of the star-spangled hero, or his shield, and several of these will be on t-shirts.

There’s a Superhero in all of us

Why are people drawn to these? The answer is simple, as people, we have a propensity for hero worship. Whether they be entertainers or fictional characters, we lift people up and make idols of them for good or bad. Superheroes have that iconic quality. The designs tend to be simple. Superman’s crest is literally a gold shield with a red ‘S’ in the center, and Captain America’s symbol is just his shield, which looks like a target with a star in the center. These symbols though, regardless of how simple they are, embody a lot of meaning and truly speak to us as a culture and a people, and that’s why you’ll see more and more of these shirts around, especially if Marvel and DC keep cashing in their license to print money and continue to pump out new blockbusters every year. It seems like they will be.

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