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Is it just us here at TVSO are the creators of South Park--Trey Parker and Matt Stone--due for another movie? We haven't had a new South Park movie or other from the minds of the two warped, twisted, geniuses since 2004. Why not? Certainly, they earned all kinds of acclaim with their Broadway Book of Mormon in recent years, and while South Park is still drudging along on the air, Parker and Stone haven't brought us anything new for the big screen in over ten years. WTF, guys!?!

Personally, we'd like to see another live action film in the spirit of BASEketball or Orgazmo, but that's just us. With that in mind here are our favorite Trey Parker and Matt Stone movies, and yes, for once, these are in the order in which we movie them.

Orgamzo movie Trey Parker Matt Stone

Orgazmo (1997)

Written by Trey Parker, Orgazmo is the tale of a Mormon who, in desperate need of money, begins to moonlight as a porno superstar superhero named Orgazmo. Given an NC-17 rating, which hindered it's release, the film grew a fast cult following as it came to home video at the end of the 90s. Orgazmo is insane, over-the-top--filled with loads of boobies, stupid sexual puns, and funny stabs at the Mormon culture even Jesus himself. A new comedy classic unlike anything that had come before in American comedy or since.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone South Park

BASEketball (1998)

Released wide into theaters in the United States, BASEketball, ( a concept in the story-line that finds two losers who gain fame because they invent a new game that combines baseball with basketball) is the creation of comedy gods the Zucker Brothers. The Zucker Brothers are famous for bringing us the Airplane! movies as well as the Naked Gun movie series of parody and insane lampooning. Zucker is also a producer of the later sequels of the Scary Movie series as well. Trey Parker and Matt Stone start alongside a goofy all-star cast that features actress Jenny McCarthy, Ernest Borgnine, and Robert Vaughn. Hilarious 100% Proof.

South Park Movie

South Park: Bigger, Faster, Longer, Uncut (1999)

The ultimate episode of South Park that fans of the long-running show has always dreamed about seeing, and uncensored no less. Taking the show to new heights that featured lampooning of Saddam Hussein and his love-relationship with The Devil, Bigger, Faster, Longer, Uncut is a minor masterpiece and is perhaps the greatest animated-movie ever released into theaters.

Cannibal: The Musical (1993)

Trey Parker Cannibal The Musical

Showing their flair for stupidity early on, Cannibal: The Musical is Parker and Stone's low-budget musical about Alferd Packer, a famous Colorado cannibal. Getting their friends around and playing many of the different roles themselves, Parker and Stone tell the story of cannibal Packer told through poorly-crafted and dated-sounding songs. Yet, it's pretty funny though. The film was released by low-budget Gods Troma.

Team America: World Police (2004)

Team America puppets

Whereas South Park: Bigger, Faster, Longer, Uncut had attacked Saddam Hussein, Team America: World Police went after North Korean ruler Kim Jong-il. In the style of the classic 1960s live-action puppet television shows like Thunderbirds!, Parker and Stone really pushed the boundaries with Team America: World Police as they explore a global terror plot devised by Kim Jong-il. has a large selection available now of officially-licensed South Park merchandise as well as Halloween costume accessories, here.

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