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Halloween costumes

What should I be for Halloween? A few Halloween Costume Ideas

Every year we are faced with the same question: What should I be for Halloween? We know that the day is fast approaching…as it does each year and we really shouldn’t wait until the very last minute to rush out and try to find a costume that will actually work for you. The year’s top costumes tend to sell out fast.

Welcome to This is the place where you can find the best costume…not just for Halloween but for all year. These costumes never go out of style and they are inspired by TV shows and movies.

It doesn’t matter what your age or sex is either. has costumes for everyone from infants all the way up to centenarians. This is the place where you will be able to find costumes for Halloween or costume parties that include a variety of genres from  superheroes to horror, comedy and even more!

Halloween Costumes for Kids

Let’s face it…most of the time it is the kids dressing up for Halloween activities be they parties at school or home and even trick or treating. Now, a child’s interests can vary but for the most part they will tend to want to dress as their favorite character from the favorite cartoon, TV show or movie. That makes your number 1 place to shop for these costumes. For example,  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are making a comeback with a quickness. All of a sudden the Heroes on the Half Shell are more popular than they have been in about 20 years. For the child who wants to be a crime fighting anthropomorphized turtle for Halloween, choose from the wide selection of TMNT themed costumes that are available here at

That is just one example. There are a great many more choices for kids there. Check them out and see what your child can be for Halloween.

Halloween Costumes for Adults

Chances are that adults are going to have different ideas for costumes than kids will. For women, there are a variety of sexy tank dress costumes as well as many other options. For men there are costumes inspired by such hit cult classics as the  Big LebowskiCaddyshack, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and even more! There are also both men’s and women’s costumes inspired by a variety of movies and TV shows including A League of Their Own and more!

So that you can make sure that your costume is the absolute best it can be, you should not miss all of the accessories, masks, wigs and hats that carries. Accessories include things like jewelry, hosiery, makeup, boots, shoes and other items.

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be surprisingly challenging because there are so many possibilities to consider. Answering these four questions can help you narrow your options and determine which  costume is the right one for you.

What kind of costume do I want?

Traditionally,  Halloween costumes were designed to scare, but today's costumes are intended to evoke a broader range of reactions. Think about the kind of response that you want to conjure up in your audience. Do you hope to trigger gasps or giggles? Would you prefer to blend in with a familiar costume or stand out from the crowd with something creative? Deciding whether you want a costume that is scary, funny, pretty, sexy or original will help you zero in on your ideal costume.

What are my interests? 

What do you enjoy? If you’re a fan of the latest blockbuster or a film buff in love with the classics, then a movie costume might be just the thing for you. Those who prefer their entertainment from a smaller screen may want to scare up T.V. costumes that allow them to dress as favorite television characters. Sportsmen may enjoy dressing as hunters or watermen. Music fans might get a kick out of donning rock star gear or dressing as dancers. Whether you've dreamed of being a rugged cowboy, a clever detective, a fairy princess or a powerful sorceress, Halloween is a fabulous time to indulge in a little whimsy and live out your fantasies.  

What is my budget? 

Costumes are about fun and fantasy, but practical matters can't be totally ignored. When considering what to be for Halloween, think about your budget. There are some truly amazing costumes out there, and buying or renting them can come with an equally awe-inspiring price tag. Be sure to think about what costumes are within your price range. Remember that you can stretch your budget by incorporating items you already have with new masks or accessories.  

Where will I be wearing my costume? 

What plans have you made for Halloween? No one can see your costume through your coat, so if you'll be spending time outdoors trick-or-treating or attending a community party, then you'll want an outfit that can withstand the weather. If the fun is outside and will continue after the sun sets, remember that visibility is important; for safety's sake, drivers need to be able to see you. If the party or event is indoors, comfort is still important. A costume that will win raves at an adult event might be considered inappropriate for more family-minded affairs.  

Deciding on a Halloween costume can be tough. Whether you're still trying to come up with a costume that appeals to you or struggling to choose just one from amongst the multitude of possibilities, considering factors like the reaction that you want, your interests, your budget and where you intend to wear your costume can help you determine what you want to be for Halloween.

Make this the best Halloween ever with your costume from!

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